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posted November 12, 2003 01:28 AM            
How do I start a capture the flag game over the internet? If it's a specific map, where do I get them?
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Welcome to the forums, the game, and our community--Starnite! Hope you enjoy the game as much as we do.

If you find the dedicated.cfg file, you will see this section:


#List of maps to run on the dedicated server, specify by file
#name or descriptive name. Specify no maps to run all maps.
#To run a CTF server, specify only CTF Maps and make sure Deathmatch = 1
#DediMap0 = "The Ramp"
#DediMap1 = "Scarab"

Just copy/paste the following under that section:

DediMap0 = jimctf1.ved
DediMap1 = jimctf2.ved
DediMap2 = jimctf3.ved
DediMap3 = jimctf4.ved
DediMap4 = jimctf5.ved
DediMap5 = jimctf6.ved

These are the stock CTF maps in the stock install of Treadmarks.

Don't ferget to change the name of yer server as well. If you have a firewall, you will need to open up ports 12300-12400 so the server will be seen by others who want to join.

If you like to join us, we are also hosting a weekly CTF event every Wednesday as stated in this thread. Hope to see you there.

Again, welcome to Treadmarks!


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Welcome bud - Check us out at the DMF also....
www.dmf.filetap.com (site) www.dmf.kicks-ass.net/cgi-bin/yabb/yabb.pl (forums)


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Welcome to the board starnite. Tonite we are doing CTF on the community server. See the tread for the time. Hope to see you there.

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These guys may have skipped a few steps for you if you really need help.
In TM there are 3 types of games: DDM (Deadliest Death Match), racing, and ctf. The type of map you load into the game pretty much determines what kind of game you can play. While most maps can be forced into a race map, they aren't really pretty that way...
So if you want to play CTF over the 'net, there are two ways. One is to play single game and allow joins to your computer. This is a choice you have in the right hand column of the game menu in single game mode. With the option, you pretty much have to find your gaming friends before hand and share your IP with them. The other way to play CTF over the 'net is to set up a server. This is one of the options on the start menu for TM when you first launch the game. The above post from BZP has to do with the configuration file changes you need to make to the server config file to run only ctf games/maps. In your TM folder there are two configuration files: the dedicated.cfg (for a server) and the config.cfg (for your pc settings). Take a look at the dedicated.cfg in a text editing program (notepad, notetab...) and read what it says. Pretty much all the instructions you need to do to set up a server are listed there. One change you may need to make is to the IP number of the Master client. This number should be: If you run a server, you will be sending information (heartbeats) to the Master Server (LDA) to give information about the status of your game and so that OTHER PEOPLE CAN FIND YOUR SERVER AND PLAY WITH YOU. BamZipPow listed the names of the stock ctf maps for you. The y need to be listed in the DediMap list. Good luck.
If you ever need more immediate help, get yourself ICQ (or trillian- even better. Look for www.icq.com or www.ceruleanstudios.com) You can talk to many of us via ICQ for information, too. Just check people's profiles