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posted October 06, 2003 04:19 AM            
well... i had so many different downloads of TM mods stuff that i finally sorted through it all and moved off all of the duplicates and sorted it all in a way that i liked.

then i thought... there should be a program out there that will create html pages and links to all of the 493 files in my 29 different nested folders.

and then there should be another program out there that will let me do text substition in all of the html files without me having to open each html file in all of the 29 different folders.

and they should be easy to understand, quick to use, and not mess anything up.

well, i found them at last. yeah.
the program "directory to html" made html files and links out of all of my TM files and folders.
and the program "auto replace" allowed me to make quick changes to all of the newly created html files at one time.

here are the programs i used:
directory to html

auto replace, a windows grep tool

text file to html file
i did not use this one but i do like it.


here is the fruit of my relatively painless labor...

this has got all sorts of TM mod downloads, most all of them you have probably seen or have already. i just wanted to try out some freeware that i found and needed to have a purpose and goal in mind.

and... no large fonts in sight... or pics or anything else... just pure plain text.


may peace doggedly
follow you.


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Thanks Mikey. Very cool.

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yes...very cool...we still need to set a date when you will teach me how to post the results...just reminding you....LOL

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