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=DNX= Matrix
posted August 24, 2003 10:35 PM            
To help out joey, id like to remind everyon of the naming convention for logged events. Logscan will log team scores using a pre-determined clan insignia.

DNX uses: =DNX=

Can we finalise the rest of the clan insignia's to make life easier for joey ? - Ill put the final decisions in the DMF's Treadmarks and Logscan forums as a STICKY POST for future reference.

If any clan delegates would like to discuss who is wearing what symbols, our Clan Council Chambers forum (only usable and visible to clan delegates) will be availble.

PS - certain symbols as they are used in the actual code for logscan and will confuse the logging.


Wont Work:
">DNX< Matrix"
" DNX Matrix"
"'DNX' Matrix"

So thats:
_ . < > [space] '

What WILL work is:
! $ % ^ & * ( ) - = + { [ ] } # ~ : ; @ ? / \

Can each clan delegate speak with their team/clan and decide a set text insignia for future events, and report them to me here or at DMF forums as we will support the same rules for use of Logscan events.

Thanks all

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posted August 25, 2003 07:02 AM         
I favour Seumas' clan tag proposal:
BWL][Dreamer - looks perfect with additional chat brackets.