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Jim, I had a walk around Leeds as mentioned a while lack, i visited:

GAME, HMV & Virgin Megastores

All just 2 months ago had at least 10 copies each of the AAAGame Boxart 1.5.5 version. Today, I discovered that all of them have pulled 1.5.5 off the shelves; although they did offer to order it for 4.99

I told them about the 1.6.0 Relaunch through eGames and advised their marketing dept's contact you for updated information on the current version. Its obvious to me that 1.5.5 is still doing the rounds here despite being pulled, this could be a good thing for the Uk since it means people wanting to get in on the action can still get hold of a cheap original rather than pay 1p more for a rotten pirate version lol (too funny).

Anyway - just an update there for you, I cant speak for other towns or shop branches, but they certainly have no qualms about ordering it in although when asked who their supplier was they neglected to say.

Hope that helps in some way.

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