Author Topic:   hay whats this dnx-ni {cool flag}
buick 8
posted August 08, 2003 07:38 PM           
ok now ive got this master server THANKS!!!

what is it?
what dose it do?
will it fix me dinner?
how do i use it?
do you have anay tanks???

ok ok you know what i ment saterday morning

armageddon event 2 right??? at 1 am???

or have i fliped my wig ?
----------------------------------------------- we are the knites who say ........ 8


posted August 08, 2003 07:47 PM            
Master Client will tell u what server's are currently in operation and how many people are playing on them. try http://treadmarks.boomstickjoes.com/ and click on TM Server Events!

That'll give u a lowdown on what's coming up! There aren't any official events tonight but usually from about 1am GMT/8-9pmEST/5pm PST people start logging on! You'll get between 3-8 on a normal non-event night usually! *thanks for the flag compliment *