Author Topic:   Race Ladder results for 17 July 2003 are in
posted July 23, 2003 09:23 AM            
This link will get you to them: http://www.hallsted.org/race-ladders/13th-race-ladder-jpgs.html

Some quick highlights:
- Two new racer were added Hameed and –LWA-A2567
- New lap time on Spew was set, see this link on how I did it
- The Gravitor lap time was Tied by [DOG] Teulk
- Teulk gets to exchange a weapon since he hit the 100 mark.
- Quote for the race day from Hameed, “You think this takes skill, one hit and you are out of the race!”
- Other quote from the race day from 666, “Love you too Ras”

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