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posted July 11, 2003 12:32 AM            
How do you start TM and have it automatically connect to a server?

Fixed crashing problem with map changes on dedi server
Fixed Flags so they can only be picked up when NumTeams > 1, and only if their team is active
Changed AI and arrows to ignore flags that aren't active
Added code so if an ip:port is passed in on the command line to TM.exe the game will auto connect to that game
Cleaned up server disconnects on exit from game
Changed Single Game GUI so it doesn't allow NumTeams = 1
Updated all Course entities to have a weapon spawn time of 2.5 secs (some were 5, some were 2.5)
When selecting a CTF map in single player, team scoring will be enabled and num teams will be set based on the number of teams in the CTF map
Updated the dedicated.cfg file with new net settings, and information on setting up CTF servers
Flag status on client connect is now correct

Just plain TM.exe IP:Port doesn't seem to work, just opens tm up and doesn't do anything


posted July 11, 2003 09:00 AM            
You can't from the command line. TMServerSpy does it programatically (if you double click on the server's entry in the server list, it takes the TMLogScan listed IP and port and writes them to the appropriate registry entry, then starts tm.exe), But you still have to go through the menus.

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hm, k, I guess they must've changed that in 1.6.0


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It does work.

Make a shortcut on your desktop to TM.exe, not treadmarks.exe.

Open the properties for the shortcut, where it says target type:

c:\path to your tm directory\tm.exe

when you click the shortcut it should connect you to that server.

Soo, you could have a shortcut to each server right on your desktop.

Actually, I tried it and it works from the command prompt too?


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shortcut works, commandline doesn't, ah, better than nothing though. Thanks a ton kong. w00t

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