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Tread Marks missile description.

By: rcy

I am only describing the three main missiles.

Le bomb nuclear.

The ultimate weapon on the battlefield! It instantly disintegrates any thing in the blast zone, and badly damages any thing in the splash zone. And for those that survived the blast, must now survive the wall of fire that makes it impossible to see any thing. The wall of fire will not hurt you, but you canít see a darn thing with in three feet in front of you. New comers to the game must steer clear of the fire, unless they want to be ambushed. But experts that know how to maneuver through it with out being killed may do what they wish.

Matter bomb: This missile is for the non-nuclear freaks fire it anywhere, or at an un-expecting victim. When the missile hits the poor person he will be thrown into the air by a mound of dirt that smashes into him from below. If he is lucky, he will be ripped through like tissue paper and killed instantly. Now after that great clouds of smoke will impair your vision, but unlike the nuclear bomb the matter bomb throws clouds of smoke. So players can hind in the smoke and pounce on un-expecting victims.

Cruise missile: The ultimate missile! Just fire it and forget about it! Really!

How do ya'll like my missile discriptions?


Rex R
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well after a while one does learn to aim at the name(or rather the tank below the name). comes in handy when you want to zap a tank through a ridge with a laser. tm was designed as a thinking mans shooter, as opposed to the twitch games. number of things to keep in mind; keep moving, it is possible to dodge a nuke, and cruise is not garunteed frag. I have been hit by a number of them and have gone on to frag the shooter(it is a bit of a challenge, 10 health and flames)