Author Topic:   Private servers integrated into MyBoomstick accounts
posted June 26, 2003 04:31 PM            
I've finally gotten around to integrating private servers into MyBoomstick.

Basically, a private server is a logScanned server that is shown in the public server list.

The old way to see this server (which still exists) is to go to the server status page and click on the 'Private Server' link on the bottom. There you need to enter the server name and the private server password.

Now, you can add these servers to you list of servers in oyur MyBoomstick account and not have to re-enter the password to see it.

Simply go to 'Edit Profile -> Shown Servers'. All private server will be listed along with public servers on this page. You wil need to enter the password to the server in order to add it to your list.

Now, all events, ladders, and stats will be viewable for this server in your MyBoomstick account. You can also add the server to you list of stat charting servers as well.

In addition, this server will show up on TMServerSpy once you've added it to you list. You will be able to see who is on and get notified when someone joins.

Another perk

If a server admin sets up private private server , (and sets up the dedicated.cfg file to NOT alert the TM master server of its IP and port). The only way you can ever get on this server to play (other than bugging the server op to tell your the IP and port) is by double clicking on it's entry in TMServerSpy.

In case you didn't realize, TMServerSpy will start up TM if you double click on a server and automatiucally set the IP and port to point to that server.