Author Topic:   Anarchy Tournament Results
=DNX= Matrix
posted June 22, 2003 10:04 PM            
Full scores and ladder For the Anarchy Event can be found at the DMF Forums.

Summary : DMF Anarchy Uk FFA Server :
1st Place : 60 pts : DNX Dominion
2nd Place : 51 pts : Gold Ants Clan
2rd Place : 35 pts : Lone Wolves Alliance

Top 5 Players:
1) DNX Matrix
2) GA Queen
3) GA 666
4) DNX Ni
5) DNX Cemetry

Bloodsoaked Bonus: DNX Matrix
Best Skill Bonus: DNX Matrix
Total Games Played: 34
Registered Participants: 15
Unregistered Participants: 0
Server Kicks: 1 (guido)

Summary : DMF Anarchy USA 2 vs 2 Server :
1st Place : 08 pts : DNX Dominion
2nd Place : 08 pts : Lone Wolves Alliance
2rd Place : 06 pts : Gold Ants Clan

Top 5 Players:
1) LWA Max
2) LWA Wolfman
3) DNX Ni
4) DNX Disturbed
5) GA Queen

Bloodsoaked Bonus: LWA Max
Best Skill Bonus: LWA Max
Total Games Played: 1
Registered Participants: 5
Unregistered Participants: 1
Server Kicks: 0




1st Place: DNX Dominion - 68 pts
2nd Place: Gold Ants Clan - 57 pts
3rd Place: Lone Wolves Alliance - 43 pts



1st Place: DNX Matrix - 82 pts
2nd Place: GA Queen - 42 pts
3rd Place: GA 666 - 42 pts
4th Place: DNX Ni - 32 pts
5th Place: DNX Cemetry - 22 pts
6th Place: GA Jon - 20 pts
7th Place: DNX Disturbed - 20 pts
8th Place: LWA Max - 20 pts
9th Place: LWA Wolfman - 15 pts
10th Place: GA Cybercannon - 10 pts

A big thank you to Joey for the use of his excellent coding skills and upgrading of Logscan to make the points system a success. Huge thanks to all who took part in the event, I hope to see you again in "Anarchy II - The Revenge of DOH !!" later this year

If you didnt take part ..... why not lol - you missed some real riproaring battles

I do hope somebody was takin screenshots lol...

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posted June 23, 2003 07:04 AM            
Had an absolute blast - bummer that I could not play more - had to work. Lets do again real soon. JT


=DNX= Matrix
posted June 23, 2003 09:12 AM            
Damn glad u enjoyed it man - Now that the tourney rules and scorring is properly setup we can pretty much do this anytime ya like i think for the sake of wanting tho, every couple of months is sufficient

A shame we didnt have more ppl from such as BWL and ZE joining in.... along with some of the other loners like uckfaouga and khm joining in too...

Maybe next time... but even with the 15 or so players we did have, i think the event was a tremendous success

The kills minus deaths was a definate boon to the game with the points and bonus awards augmenting the need to play MORE lol.... I also think that with it being hosted over a 24 hr period as opposed to a set time for maybe 2 hrs, ppl are afforded the flexibility to fit it into their scedule unless they have to be away from home.

Yeah - i think itll settle down nicely now.

Folks - dont forget to get Joey's ServerSpy - it will let you know when some1 is on a server, this brings u back to play MORE - Muhahahahaha lol....

More More More - Play More - LOL !

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