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posted May 30, 2003 04:39 PM            
Hey everyone, I already know that there is a Race server up but I was wondering if someone could set up one for me. With these maps:

and Jim2L

I would setup one of my own but I have a firewall. Also, this would be great for a sunday match.


Blue n Gold Sue
posted May 30, 2003 06:10 PM            
I'd be happy to set one up for a short while since my husband runs the Race Ladder, it couldn't be full time. I'll set it up later tonight and let it run for a bit. It won't be up for Sat am, though, that is a race ladder time (10 am Pacific). Get my ICQ number from my profile and let me know when you would like it to run.


Blue n Gold Sue
posted May 31, 2003 03:42 AM            
k, the current race server is running these maps:
DediMap0 = "The Ramp"_______________(Jim2L)
DediMap1 = "Scarab"_________________(Jim7A)
DediMap2 = "Banks"__________________(Jim8A)
DediMap3 = "Lions Pass"_____________(Jim9)
DediMap4 = "Mosquito"_______________(Jim1L)
DediMap5 = "Head Land"______________(Jim10)
DediMap6 = "Woodland"_______________(Jim7F)
DediMap7 = "Deer Hunter"____________(Jim11)
DediMap8 = "Simian Isle"____________(Jim5)
DediMap9 = "Bull" __________________(Jim7)
DediMap10 = "Clay Hills"___________(ClayHills)
DediMap11 = "Pinnacle"______________(Jim3L)
DediMap12 = "Barren Lake"___________(Jim6T)
DediMap13 = "Not The Goat"__________(Jim8)
DediMap14 = "Gravitor"_______________(JimHeavy)
DediMap15 = "Hell Crossing"_________(Jim4L)
DediMap16 = "In The Ring"_____________(JimCircle)
DediMap17 = "The Rack"______________(Jim6)
DediMap18 = "Turtles"_______________(JimT2)
DediMap19 = "Ice World"_____________(JimIce)
DediMap20 = "Jumper"________________(JimR3)
DediMap21 = "Spew"__________________(JimR2)
DediMap22 = "The River"_____________(JimS2)
DediMap23 = "Trench Run"____________(JimM1)
DediMap24 = "Desert Divas"__________(JimS4)
DediMap25 = "Tank Luge"_____________(JimIce2)
DediMap26 = "Wind Chill"____________(JimT3)
DediMap27 = "Brimstone"_____________(JimH1)
DediMap28 = "Serpent"_______________(JimS1)
DediMap29 = "The Moon"______________(JimMoon2)
DediMap30 = "Kahuna"________________(JimT4)
DediMap31 = "The Volcano"___________(jimVolcano)
DediMap32 = "Armageddon"____________(JimArmaged)

(edit: darn hard to get these to line up pretty like)

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posted May 31, 2003 03:45 AM            
First off...welcome to the TM community.

2nd...all these maps are on the race server.
Thank you Susan for listing all the maps.

You should come by and race on Thursday. It is race ladder day. Make sure you pick up the modded weapons.

Will need to go to elite Hunter to download the DistructoDisk, AfterBurner, Shockwave, and das Tornado. All other mods are SSO. The link to Elite Hunter is here http://treadmarks.elitehunters.com/tm_download.asp?id=14

Your list is below with the maps that you want

JimCircle The Ring
Jim11 Deer Hunter
JimIce2 Tank Luge
JimR3 Jumper
JimR2 - Spew
JimS1- Serpent
JimT4 - Kuhuna
JimT2 - Turtles
JimM1 Serpent
Jim5 Simian Isle
Jim8 Not the Goat
Jim10 - Headland
Jim2L The Ramp

Play Hard...Play Fair...See You Online

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Blue n Gold Sue
posted May 31, 2003 03:59 AM            
It's easy enough to run only the maps you want- just put a # in front of the maps you dont' want to show up (that is in the server's config file) Same with the weapons. .If you don't want a weapon to show up on the server, just change the weapon's ent name to "#dastornado" or "notornado" or whatever you will remember (just pick something that is easy to sort by so you can find them again to change the names back when you want them back in your game) and then the weapon won't play on the server you are running.
Also, you can run TM through a firewall. You just have to direct your firewall to allow TM access. If you need help with that, just ask. There are MANY people here who can help you with that setting


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posted May 31, 2003 01:35 PM            
Well the problem is that my parents are also
connected to the same fire-wall, and if I mess with it I could get in trouble, not that I'm scared, lol. But if I could that would be great, I have cable so it should work quite well.