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posted May 19, 2003 10:09 PM         
hey, just got the game and finally got the patches sorted (thnx to ur past threads ppl, ty)
but when i select a game fromt he master server list, it goes to player info sent. and then i get nothing.... it just stays doing nowt for an eternity (im only on a 56k *sorry if i ever play with*)
i patched from 1.5.5 to 1.5.9 and then to 1.6 as stated in past threads.

If any one has any ideas as to this prob i'd be grateufl ty.


oh i made this as a new thread rather than hijacking someone elses problem thread so i cud say hi aswell....HI


posted May 20, 2003 12:29 AM            
Welcome Tek!!!!!

Some of the servers can take a while to get through Player info sent stage, I'm on 56K also. First make sure you have the stuff needed to play on that server, some use Modified tanks and weapons etc.

Check out and see if you have a good connection to the internet, and make sure your firewall, if you have one, is set up to allow you to play. I had to turn mine off to verify that it was a firewall issue.

Also do you have the correct master IP address input, IE you can get a listing of all the servers currently up. Oh I would personally suggest you try out the LDA server first.

Those are the problems I have had with mine. Hope to see you online.

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posted May 20, 2003 01:10 AM            
yes welcome Tek...hope to see you online...


Blue n Gold Sue
posted May 20, 2003 03:36 AM            
All good suggestions.
Tek, welcome
I will also add, are your drivers updated?
Cyber does give a good point. Some servers are heavily modded and need additional addons to play them.
Storm is a whole 'nother mod with its own game play.
DMF Anarchy (though that server has been down for a while) has its own maps in a player pack
The GA race server has some modded weapons, stock maps at this point
Robo's Clan maps are modded stock maps (additional spawn points added)
Armageddon (good luck!) uses clan maps and one modded weapon.
*thinking of servers off the top of my head here*
85 (or is it 88) weapons is modded, BUT all the mods are server side only, so your standard install will play there.
If you want/need direction on where to get the mods, look at the "Blessed Hackers" thread by Rex R. Some of the map links and weapons links are there.
Also, if you want to see who is currently playing, go to: http://www.boomstickjoes.com/treadmarks/ and check out the server status. Most server ops put a link to the place where the downloads are hosted that are needed to play on that server.
The LDA server is the STOCK server, and has one of the best connections so the play is pretty good. Robo is UK based, so his pings should be decent for you there. Pings of 400 are pretty common for TM players, but are pretty well tolerated. Many of the community knows who has what kind of connection (plus the ping is displayed for all the players when you hit the tab button) so we aren't too harsh on you 56kers
Good luck playing!
Also: You can get a glance of the servers from www.dmfboards.filetap.com at the bottom of the page. Green dots mean the server is up, red means that server is down, and the yellow means there are HUMANS on the server. Caution though, only the servers running another program (by Killer) display there. There are a few servers, notably LDA, that don't run TM Log Scan and DON'T show up on that server list.
And so you know the "standard playing times" in TM: (also check out Boomstick Joes for one calendar) Sunday nights (Monday mornings for you) at 5 pacific (8 eastern and 1 am UK time) are the DDM's. Paranor (who may run his server again SOMEDAY) often hosts this, but lately it has been on the LDA server.
Saturdays at 3 pm pacific (6 pm Eastern and 11 pm UK) is the Armageddon event.
Thursday nights at 5 pm pacific (8 eastern, 1 am UK) is a racing event on the GA server for a newly started race ladder.
Tuesdays at 3 pm pacific (6 pm eastern or 11 pm UK) is the Euro DDM.
Many players LIKE to play by invitation. Get an ICQ number (many players' numbers are listed in their profiles) and message people to join in on a game. I can usually get a few people to join in on a game.
See you on-line soon, I hope. I go by the name GA_Queen or Blue and Gold Sue (usually) when I play.


Robo Jaws
posted May 20, 2003 06:35 AM            
Hi tek,
Welcome to TM.
If you are going to play on my servers you will need
the master map pack, Master flags pack (optional)
for the Public and CTF servers
As sue said above the clan maps for the Clan map / Euro DDM server

The Demo server uses the standard TM files with some weapons removed and only the Falcon
and Destroyer Tanks available.

The master packs can be downloaded from

I rotate the maps and SSO weapons each month.
(SSO = Server Side Only i.e. Moded weapons using the textures etc form a standard TM install when you connect you will see a message 'Syncing enteritis X of Y as the
ent files are loaded)

I will usually scan the TM servers for players from 10:30pm maybe 8pm if in bored

cu online

TM Tank drivers licence applied for


=DNX= Matrix
posted May 20, 2003 07:54 AM            
Welcome Tek

Heres a lingoless version if you find all that a bit much


Scrap Metal
posted May 22, 2003 07:02 PM            
Welcome to the forums, guess you're pretty much covered on the advice front so that's all I have to say


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posted May 22, 2003 09:13 PM         
thnx guys/gals

it sorted itself in the end