Author Topic:   GA Racing Server is 2 player team now
posted March 27, 2003 12:32 AM            
Per BZP request there is 4 teams thus there should be 2 tanks per team when you race.

Well...just had a thought...yes Ras, I do think. The whole race etiquette is out the window now. Reason being is that one person could do DDM race while the other teammate does Race race....hmmmm. Will have to see, I can only have 4 players online at any time. Hopefully an AI tank will be matched up with a human player.

Hey...see you at the races.


posted March 27, 2003 02:12 AM            
Well...there has been a request to not use the mass driver as the only weapon. So...I tried no weapons. And that was boring...whomever got the lead kept it. At least with the mass driver you could have a chance and shoot the leader off the track then taking the lead.

Then Ras had the ideal of using a modified mass driver that would kill but not punt so much. Well, I don't know. It has been my experience that even if you do get punted that you still have a chance because every other tank is being punted.

I am willing to listen to anyone's suggestion on what weapon/s to use. I do want to keep the track in good shape for racing thus the use of the mass driver. But I want to be able to get the person if they are in the lead also. Again, that was why I wanted to use the mass driver. Hey...I'll even listen to Ras...LOL.


posted March 27, 2003 02:39 AM            
personally, i would not use any type of mass
driver. it defeats any purpose with racing.

there could be 3 options....

sensible option: and what i would use!!!!!
use only the dirt ball.
catch people just right and you can toss
them in the air but it does not put them out
of the race.

less sensible option but could work:
use only the shadow.
from what i have seen, the shadow grabs you
and prevents your movement. but you are still
in the race.

least sensible but most exciting option:
use only cruise missles.
racing and dodging cruise missles will
certainly gets the ol' ticker going..

the races i've been in at the LAN parties
have been pretty useless... since no one
races... next LAN party with races could
be organized in that unofficial teams could
be formed....

say 8 people are there... 2 teams of 4 people

each team has 1 person racing and 3 people
charged with protecting them.
the protection people could either protect or
go hunting for the other team's racer.

bascially, it's a cross between CTF and racing. at least it's somewhat organized
and some racing might get done. and the
person who wants to race can race and the
people who want to punt can punt.

dirt balls here would also work well.

my 2cents..


may peace doggedly
follow you.


posted March 27, 2003 01:37 PM            
Change the mass driver hit into a freeze ray that freezes the target fer .25 seconds...


posted March 27, 2003 01:40 PM            
And it could be SSO as well...


posted March 27, 2003 02:59 PM            
BZP are you talking about something like the ice ball weapon? That would be great, though I wouldn't want the tracking that is part of the ice ball just straight shot like the mass. Preferably with the laser guidance beam though, since I agree with 666 that having those beams dancing around you, never knowing when or if you might be hit is exciting.

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posted March 27, 2003 03:30 PM            
heh, if all your worried about is keeping the track clean you can easily whip up a SSO mod that would remove all craters (Except dirtball) and scorches. Maybe you could tune the kick down on mass driver just a bit and up its damage some also. People wouldn't have to dl a thing, hehe.


posted March 27, 2003 04:21 PM            
Not quite but sort of best of both worlds. I was suggesting that instead of getting punted away with the mass driver, mod that weapon and its related ents.

Change the lines in sniper.ent (mass driver projectile) to call up a modified freeze explosphere of the ice ball weapon. Since yer not using any of the other explosphere parts of the other weapons, you could change one of those and reference that modified explosphere and keep it SSO.

You could change the damage/kick to be the same as the pea shooter. It would be just enough to bump them off track but not enough to take them completely out of the race.

This way you can freeze/slow down yer opponent vs smacking them way out into la la land. This could also be a neat way of tying up a checkpoint as well.


posted March 27, 2003 05:12 PM            
Could you turn team damage off? Would make a nice interesting play to "turbo" yer teammate...


posted March 27, 2003 11:47 PM            
Ok BZP will turn off the team damage...that would be interesting to punt your teammate to victory.

As for mods...remember it is only 2 laps. Dailups barely have time to connect much less synching entities before the start of the race. This problem is for each race not just the initial connecting to the server. If you are not at the start of the race there is no sense in racing. Therefore…unfortunately, mods are out. It has to be stock…everything.

I will start a new thread with the criteria that I want to be meant and it will be designed by committee.

This will actually be cool…I will post it tonite. Thx all for your help so far.