Author Topic:   2 new servers
posted March 22, 2003 12:02 AM            
I brought back the stock CTF now called 'USA Stock CTF' (duh...)

and a new one:

Urban Riot!

It uses all my urban style maps. Here's the run down of mods:

Maps: Boomstickville,City of Doom,Death Island,Quad Map

Tanks: ZE-141k

Weapons: 50mm,240mm,Arc Welder,Chocolate Chip,Disk Launcher,Flame Wave Blaster,Kamehameha,Land Shark,Bomb Lobber,Paper Airplane,Shatter Missles,Spirit Bomb

Grab the server pack here

It's running on an older machine so let me know if it gets too laggy. Any suggestions/requests are welcome.

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Scrap Metal
posted March 22, 2003 12:39 AM            
can you put tron in? the only advantage it has is speed, and ze141k has that and more

only problem is it frags itself with the arc welder :/