Author Topic:   Master Map Pack Update
posted February 11, 2003 10:09 PM            
I have updated the master map packs. they are now between 15 and 17 MB each.

The master packs are now a collection of individual zip files instead of a jumble . This should make it easier to just unzip the maps that you need instead of having to unzip all the maps at once.

All the maps are in these zips except Matrix, Killer and JV's maps. Matrix and Killer because they host their own maps and JV because his maps are for the storm mod.

If anyone would like to add their maps to the master packs, send em on over!!!

RC, grab em and update your site!!!

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Feel free to host an additonal maps pack m8 - all my maps are in the DMF map pack; im going to do a small update re the cruise and the befree - so when thats done ill rehost - from there im hoping Rc and yourself will host a copy incase my server goes down - which sometimes does happen.

Nice work Kong.

Btw - I never did ask - but this has been eating at me... what the heck is a qersys or what does it mean ?


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wow - deep signature kong. nice but deep.