Author Topic:   ready or not here i come
posted January 01, 2003 05:23 AM            
2 things...

i thought i would remind people that you will need this download to play on my server from now on:

the hallsted server pack has everything in it you will need. approx 16MB zipped
everything has already been put in the AddOns folder, so just unzip it and copy it over and you are set.

the 2nd thing...
one either pleases oneself and no one else
one pleases everyone else but not yourself...

not that this is life-saving information, but below is the sequential map rotation on my server, since there are 33 of them, it will take awhile to get back to a particular map if you are waiting for one for some unknown reason.....

DediMap0 = "DM Arminto"
DediMap1 = "Clan Barren Lake"
DediMap2 = "Clan DM Black Mesa"
DediMap3 = "Clan Wind Chill"
DediMap4 = "Clan Banks"
DediMap5 = "DM Ashton"
DediMap6 = "Clan Mosquito"
DediMap7 = "Clan Not The Goat"
DediMap8 = "Clan Scarab"
DediMap9 = "Clan Simian Isle"
DediMap10 = "DM Stillwater"
DediMap11 = "Clan Bull"
DediMap12 = "Clan DM Spikey"
DediMap13 = "Clan The Rack"
DediMap14 = "Clan Clay Hills"
DediMap15 = "DM Ground Zero"
DediMap16 = "Desert Divas"
DediMap17 = "Clan DM High Plateau"
DediMap18 = "Clan Lions Pass"
DediMap19 = "Clan Head Land"
DediMap20 = "Clan The Ramp"
DediMap21 = "Sulfur Springs"
DediMap22 = "DM Glacier"
DediMap23 = "Clan Pinnacle"
DediMap24 = "Clan DM Green Monster"
DediMap25 = "Clan Hell Crossing"
DediMap26 = "Clan DM Pugmill"
DediMap27 = "DM Arminto Valley"
DediMap28 = "DM Caldera"
DediMap29 = "Clan Deer Hunter"
DediMap30 = "Clan DM Didgeridoo"
DediMap31 = "Clan Gravitor"
DediMap32 = "Clan The River"

well, i'm happy... sensless and useless information to start a new year!!

toodles, harmless

may peace doggedly
follow you.


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Thankyou Harmless

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posted January 01, 2003 08:39 AM         
Did anyone get the number of that truck that hit me ???? What year is it again ????

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posted January 01, 2003 05:20 PM            
I think someone said it was 3002 or something like that, mirrorly speaking that is.

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posted January 02, 2003 09:26 AM            
Yes....it was a righteous time for all on Mike's (harmless)server. Coax, Meloncracker, GA Queen, Harmless, and the other 4 AI had a blast on harmless' server. I doubt you will see much of me on the LDA server from here on out. The clan and Sailor's maps are too good to want to go back to the old stock maps. And believe it or not...even with the mortar and 240MM cannon tearing up the landscape... the map was even rutted...very drivable...yes... these maps are even cool to play with only 9 tanks. I can not wait till Par uses them on the DDM server... Are you listening Par... Until then...

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