Author Topic:   upgrades
=DNX= Matrix
posted December 17, 2002 12:05 PM            
Dmf Boards are bigger and better than ever before. we now have:

Instant Messaging
Quick Reply box
FTP Swap & Drop Box
40 Forums of Fun
In-Site Cross platform Browser
Online In-Post Games
Support for all Major IM Services
Consideration for CSS & Non CSS Browsers
Inline Java Applets
Downloads Center
Clan Forum Hosting inc Password Facilities
Blabatorium / Boomstick Joes
Technical Support Forum

And Lots lots more

Sorry if this looks like an add.... but if i dont tell ya.... ya dont know

Extra thx to Kong, Sailor, Rc, Paranor & Quenie for helping make it such a success thus far

Oh ya, did i mention we got snow too
Byeee ..........

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