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How did the Washington D.C. sniper impact you?

We (the TM family) are a family. We pull together when times are tough. I know from the support LDA received when we lost Seamus. I know from the strong support I received after 9/11 when I lost my best friend Joe on UAL flight 93. I know from other times when our members have lost close family. You guys are a caring bunch of people, and it's really great.

Ping of Death lives is in the D.C. area. I know since I asked him, that he's resting much easier these days.

I worried about my Sister, Brother-in-law and my two nieces who live less than 10 miles from the Falls Church, Va. murder. My nieces were freaked out. We offered to house the kids up here in NJ if it would help. That's how if effected us.

How did it effect you? Here in the U.S., but also in other parts of our TM world. What did you think during this awful time?

I find that being in contact with TM friends in other parts of the world bring me much closer to international incidents. I see news items and I think, do I know someone there? Be it earthquake, civil unrest, flood, hurricane or something else. I automatically think about my friends in those areas of the world.

The world is a big blue marble, and it's really very, very small. We have to take care of each other.

Take a moment, if you'd care to, to add your two cents.

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I didn't know anyone out there but that doesn't matter. It was very sickening and was constantly on my mind. Especially the little boy at the school. And how this affects the minds of the young kids. They are too young to process this. It's bad enough for the adults.


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I can certainly understand what people felt while all the uncertainty existed. I know people in that part of the country and thought of them often.

[Begin soapbox stand]
It is true we are a very diverse community, but very close overall. I hope we continue to be that way. I know my thoughts go out for all who have a loss of any kind and I know others have given thought and word to the losses I have had over the last year and a half.

To each and everyone in this community I would like to say that I hope you all are doing well and continue to do so, but if you need a friend to talk to or someone to raise a question with I am usually around and am always glad to help in any way that I can.

Sometimes a different perspective can help to shed new light on an issue and maybe help to find a new way to look at something. We can each offer that kind of help for one another or just the comfort of a few words to say that we are sorry for a loss.

You are all a great bunch of guys and gals that provide each of us a great group of people to associate with whether we live next door to one another or across the world from one another.
[end soapbox stand]

Back on subject. The sniper made me want to help end it in the worst way. Innocent children, women and men shot down for no reason but some sadistic idiots self gratification. I hope they... (remainder of statement not fit for public consumption). Well enough - they have their man or man and child whichever it turns out to be and people can breathe easier now, and we can hope tomorrow is a brighter day without any more sick and twisted people showing up.


May you always have a following Sea and the comfort of those you hold nearest to your heart.


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I wondered how it was affecting the rest of my TM family, but I didn't want to bring it up for fear of bumming people out. We weren't in the area, but my wife and I are close enough that we couldn't help but think that it could happen here(or anywhere, for that matter) if it could happen there. I wonder if that's a taste of how people feel in areas that are in a constant state of terrorism. It was eerie knowing that the next moment could be your last-even though I already knew that. Getting killed accidentally is one thing, but having someone snuff you out for no apparent reason is pretty scary. I caught myself eyeing hiding places when I'd get gas, walk into a restaurant, or just go outside the house to get the paper. It weirded me out knowing that the sniper was using the same caliber rifle as one that I own. That was nothing compared to finding out that he was using the same rifle I have--a weapon I purchased to shoot targets as well as defend my property and my country, if necessary, from the very same type of people as the sniper. The whole episode of violence has shocked, revolted and dismayed me as much as the events of 9/11, if in a different way. It has also strengthened my resolve to never give in to terror and a hope that we, as people of Earth(not just the U.S.), can someday come together in a peaceful and tolerant show of unity. I don't think we should have to kill one another to get along. That's some pretty twisted logic, if ya ask me. I wish that no one else would have to deal with the kind of trauma and heartbreak that took place in the past month, but I seem to have misplaced my magic lamp . Okay, enough rambling...on with the game of life.


=DNX= Matrix
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DNX_Slayer lives in Maryland...


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I was insulated in two ways from this event. The first was my distance, I am about halfway across the country, and second I can't get TV reception worth a hill of beans (and I don't get the daily paper). Having said all that, I need to mention that as a Paramedic the idea even of people shooting somebody else, especially for no apparent reason, is an anathema to me. I have been trained, as well as having the instictive desire, to help people, and when I can't it tends to get me extremely frustrated. I have not had the desire to look over my shoulder to see if anyone is trying to get me, but that is partly due to my own mindset. I can only say that I hope that justice is appropriately dealt out and that we can somehow get a handle on the overall problem. I also have to agree that it has strengthened my resolve that we, not just americans but everyone, should not give in to anyone that tries to get their way through terror.

An Irish Blessing
May the road rise to meet you.
May the wind be always at your back.
May the sun shine warm upon your face.
The rains fall soft upon your fields and,
Until we meet again.
May God hold you in the palm of His hand.



Blue n Gold Sue
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For the last three years I had attended a conference in Washington DC in early December. This year, prior to the sniper incident, I decided I wanted to stay home. Part of it had to do with wanting to be with my family every chance I got, part of it had to do with travelling shortly after 9/11 last year, and part of it had to do with just not wanting to do "work" ALL the time. Since I made that decision, I was so glad that I wasn't going to be in the DC area once the sniper attacks began. It is scary to know that someone is using someone's family member as target practice. It is truly awful. My heart goes out to those that lost loved ones.
My dad was giving me a hard time about playing TM one day (he comes over for dinner every Sunday and doesn't understand why I want to play a game instead of cook him dinner ). His comments included a statement that "those kind of games are what inspire crazy people to shoot innocent people". That statement set my eyes blazing. I told him that sane people know that they are not really shooting live people in this game. Crazy people will use any excuse plausible to make their actions not seem inexcusable. Playing computer games does not make one killer!


ping of death
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Hey people,

Yes I live in Northern Virginia.

For me it almost didn't seem real. My attitude toward life is, I live everyday to the fullest, and don't let terrorist crap change my lifestyle. I never felt the need to be cautious, I don't know why.

The schools around here were all in code blue. I never even heard of code blue before.

During the many times we were fragging the hell out of each other over the past few weeks, I wondered if it was right for us to be playing games like TM, but as soon as I got synack in my sights, that thought faded real quick! There was talk about these types of games contributing to the terrorist/sniper mentality.

Yes these guys have been caught, unfortunately there are many more like them. When is the last time anyone opened a news paper, and saw some good news?? Its a new world we live in now, right? So keep fragging, and rock on!


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these kind of games make poeple go kill poeple thats BULL @#$% !
i've been play these kind of games my hole
life and so far , i have not killed no one.
i remember doing something wrong when i was a kid and dad beating my a$$. maybe if we bring back the good old a$$ beatings , alot
of this kind of crap would not be out there.
its not the games or the cartoons. its the home life.put the blame were it belongs

i hope the snipers swing from a long rope
for what they did

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Bonzo Dog
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It`s been front page news here in England and came as quite a relief when you caught up with those two. Impossible to imagine how sombody could actually do that. We had two young girl`s murdered here recently, Very close to where i live, Unfortunetly "in my opinion" we have no death sentence.


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I live to the northeast of DC, right next to the 95 (main highway), and a mile or two north of the beltway. The mood was definitely tense, to say the least. You'd see a lot of people running in and out of stores and gas stations. Everywhere you'd go, there'd be people turning their heads and looking around. The sad thing is, with the way this guy was operating, we weren't looking for someone suspicious, but a suspicious looking area. A line of trees that had a line of sight to where you were parked could make you apprehensive.

Thankfully, I must say that I wasn't affected TOO much by it. Me and my girlfriend are pretty much homebodies, and aside from walking my dog around the apartment complex, we don't usually go out much to begin with, so there wasn't much of a change from the norm .


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life in Chicago (from my sister)

I had a dr. appt on Monday (downtown Chicago). I decided to take State
St instead of Michigan Ave to get over to Congress (which turns into 290
West to get home). I was 3 cars back from the intersection of St &
Congress, which is right next to the Library. I was sitting there
looking at the Library and thinking how fun it would be to go there (it
is big & beautiful) some Saturday. I noticed tons of teenagers around-
and then I saw a big mob of them at the intersection (3 cars up). Then
there was a major fight and people were totally punching and hitting
eachother. I saw one kid throw another kid up against the concrete wall
and busted his head open. It was right about this time I started to
freak (mind you- this is a nice 'hood'- Eddie Bauer & Carsons Piere
Scott is right across the street). I couldn't go anywhere as cars were
all around me. I went to dial 911 when (from the mob of kids about
12-15 feet away), I saw this kid get shot- in the neck. The gun was
only a foot or two away from him so it rally "tore" him up. I ducked
down (obviously) and called 911 but within a few seconds about 10 squad
cars showed up. And then within 2 minutes about 15 squad cars were
there with the "paddy wagon" I stayed to calm down for a minute (I
seriously almost peed my pants). I talked to the cops to let them know
what I saw but I didn't see who pulled the trigger as there were so many
kids. I just saw the kid getting shot. The cop said stuff like that
happened all the time- it just isn't always on the news- or the news
wouldn't have anything else on it. I guess the kid was killed. And the
other kid that was thrown up against the wall wasn't doing too good
either- he was taken by ambulance.
Welcome to Chicago. I'll stick with living in the burbs. Oh- by the
way, all this happened at around 3:40pm- the sun was still up.


posted October 30, 2002 03:49 PM            
. The cop said stuff like that
happened all the time- it just isn't always on the news- or the news
wouldn't have anything else on it.

And that's the thing that really annoys me. Someone starts killing people in a new and "interesting" way, and the news media is all over it, but if someone's shot like how was described, it's just not considered newsworthy.

Washington DC is a VERY high-crime area. Outside of the small portion of it that contains the monument/museums, it's just as run down and crime-ridden as any other slum you could think of.


Blue n Gold Sue
posted October 30, 2002 11:45 PM            
What gets me is stuff like that SHOULD get everyone's knickers in a bunch. That is NOT normal behaviour, regardless of the city in which you live. No one should have to worry about getting shot while visiting the library or anywhere else, for that matter!
What is so wrong with us that this doesn't send chills up everyone's spine? Where do the teenagers even THINK is is okay to be carrying around a gun and to use it against another person?
Such a pity and such a waste.