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posted October 08, 2002 07:35 PM            
ok, i've tried to host a TM server with this new DSL line before. No luck, ya see I have a router and I just cannot get it to work. I turned on the DMZ thing for my ip but even that doesn't help. Any suggestions? I haven't done much else with the router.


posted October 08, 2002 11:41 PM            
is this a router/firewall? If so, you will need to open up the ports mentioned in the cfg file.

or, get it running and I can do a port scan to see if I can see the correct ports.


posted October 09, 2002 12:19 AM            
And you must NOT under any circumstances use DHCP when you run a server. Otherwise you servers IP will change everytime you boot.


posted October 09, 2002 12:23 AM            
yes, I think it is, but I have the firewall turned off. Please help Paranor. Im on ICQ *Smiles really big*


Robo Jaws
posted October 09, 2002 09:22 AM            
My router is nice (Netopia 4500) it lets me set up a server profile.

What I need to do is to allow (open) the ports 12300 to 12499 (or the ports your TM sever is setup to use )thru the firewall and direct them to the PC you are using as a server. (that may be the tricky bit).

also I setup a filter to allow the master server ping port (12499) through or you will not see a ping rate for the server on the master
the filter should be something like this

Input Filter for TM Master server Ping port

Souce address
Destination Address local IP of TM server
Sorce port 12499
Compare Equal to
Protcol TCP

Your firewall should let all the packets to connected players and the master server out.

If you are running a firewall software on the server then check that its not blocking the data for the ports etc.

Hope thats helps

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Hey there,

Don't forget that 'Ping' needs to be open and directed as well.
I never could get the server to look correct through my SonicWall.

Uh, maybe ping doesn't need to be open, but I found that both TCP and UDP on the TM ports needed to be open through the SonicWall. I just turned traditional PING off and the server still seems to be there (hehe).

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