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posted September 29, 2002 05:39 AM            
It has recently come to my attention that Tread Marks players are horribly inefficient with their time and bookmarks (RC). I will now explain how easy life is with coaxs.net

If you have many TM websites either bookmarked or memorized your wasting your time and space, because coaxs.net already does it for you. Let me first say that coaxs.net is a very short domain, it is as short as yahoo.com and shorter then treadmarks.com or longbowdigitalarts.com or google.com. It can be typed very quickly quicker then it takes to go to your bookmarks section and clicking on it.

From coaxs.net you are one jump from anywhere in the TM community, if chatting on the forum is to your liking than simply click “LDA's Tread Marks Bulletin Board” in the forums section. Actually all the forums are listed, and your only one click away. Forums include: AoD Forums
BWL Forums
Boomstick Joe's Blabatorium
Coax's Forum
DMF Forums
DOG Forum
Golden Ants Forum
Gropos Forum
LDA's Tread Marks Bulletin Board
LDA's Beta Tester Forum
LWA Forum
Paranor's Discussion Forums

If you wanted to know the latest happenings at BWL or whats going on at Boomstick you are also a simple one click away at coaxs.net here is a list of all dead and active TM sites that coaxs.net links to for you: A2597's B5Blender
A2597 and RC's GROPOS
Blandy's Tread Marks Website
Chuck's Tread Marks Web Site
Coax's Tread Marks' Ladders
Dreamer's The Widow's Lair
Dreamer's Tread Marks VRML mod catalogue
the Golden Ants Treadmarks Site
Hammer's Press Fire
Hawk's Jump Gate Gaming Newsletter
JVortex's BattleZone The Role-Playing Game
Kevlar's TM Central
Killer's !!!Boomstick Joe's!!!
King John 1st Death Or Glory Clan
Kong's U Got Da Nuke
kv's LWA Website
kv's Server Info
LDA's Discussion Boards Index
LDA's Official Tread Marks Website
Lithium's Litunwrap
Matrix's Deathmatch Federation
Matrix's Clan DNX
Mysterial's Tread Marks Mod Picker
Nemzad's Nemz DNX Server Page
Nemzad's TreadMarks Page Private for now
Neo's TM Screenshots
NeoKi's TM Site
Paranors' Treadmarks Website
Random Chaos' Terrain Deformation Site
Robo Jaws's Quick Download Page
Sage's Zyon Enterprises and Associations
Sheedo's Angels of Death Clan
Stuart's - Titanium200 -
SuperUnknown's Treadmarks mods and other files
SuperUnknown's Treadmarks WebsiteCOMING SOON!
Swisher's ENTegrety — Home Page
TurdHearts' TreadMarks Captures...
Weatherman's Generic Treadmarks Homepage

If content is what you desire we host all the major ladders, clan war, DDM, and skill ladders currently updated by coaxs.net author Irascible. In addition we got Rival Ball support another LDA game and we have Texturizer art done by Gold Ant and I. Current content list include: Deadliest Death Match Ladder
Deadliest Death Match Skill Ladder
Clan War Ladder
Coax's Tread Marks Photo Album
Rival Ball Combatant's ICQ#s
Rival Ball Registration Form
Texturizer: Backgrounds and More
What Does This Do?
Initiate a Tread Marks Challenge

We also have more to offer in the Information section as well. I would like to conclude with a reiteration of the coaxs.net mission statement and a list of current projects that we at coaxs.net are involved with.

Mission Statement: Coaxs.net was the only Tread Marks website being updated and engaging the Tread Marks community during its year 2000 conception. The other Tread Marks websites created prior were not updated by their creators and left the community hungry for something stable. To meet that challenge this site was created to be a storehouse and reference for all things Tread Marks. This site may be updated slowly but it always gets updated and has never abandoned the community for bigger and better things; through rain or shine expect coaxs.net to always be there for all your Tread Marks needs.

Current Projects: Updated DDM Ladder Stats and Skill Ladder Stats -- maintained by Irascible

Working on Summa Wrestling Mod, SW Forum -- coaxs and GoldAnt

Links to every Tread Marks related site, send new links to coaxs@coaxs.net -- updated by coaxs

Thank you, and I hope you have a more efficient TM experience.

Tread Marks Ladders


posted September 29, 2002 10:10 AM            
ouch - mega link central.


posted September 29, 2002 11:08 AM            
Appreciate the USEFUL information...unlike SOME of the other threads on the BB (you know which I am referring to)
lately...thx Coaxs.


Blue n Gold Sue
posted September 29, 2002 12:28 PM            
Bunnies and Rainbows. Mary Poppins, too. Thank you Coax (and Ras), and to all the others to whom the Coax.net site links.


Random Chaos
posted September 29, 2002 03:35 PM            
PS: If you want your link on my site, please e-mail me (randomc@treadmarks.cjb.net).

I'm too lazy to go find all those links on Coax's site (plus some of them are old link addys so...I don't feel like hunting them down).

Besides, I'm lazy