Author Topic:   New features at Boomstickjoes.com
posted August 03, 2002 06:25 PM            
I've improved the TM Events page to be able to display results of any events that are entered into the TMServer system by the TM server ops. Any op can go in and set up an event for thier server by visiting the following page:


and filling out the form. It can't get any easier than this!

The system will automatically track the results at the time specified, and terminate with the specified trigger (end by time, date, frag count, or number of games). Then it will compile the results and post them in the "Event Results" section of the boomstickjoes website.

Currently the availible stylesheets allow the compiled data to be displayed as a CTF (with flag capture stats) or DM (with frag-deaths and frags/deaths stats). Additional styles/formats can be requested by posting a message on the TMLogScan mailing list.

In order to use this, you server must send data to the TMServer status project. If your not currently participating, you can join by sending a request via email to the address below. If you forgot your password, submit a password reset request to the same address below.


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