Author Topic:   Shanghai'ed by video card
posted July 09, 2002 06:43 PM            
I went to the First Saturday Sale in Dallas last weekend, and bought a video card.
It is an Asus V7100, and although it was used, it looked like it was in good shape, and I got it for a song. I was planning to get something better than a GF2MX, but that's all I could find (that I can currently afford).

Here's the topper.....
After trying two different sets of drivers from Asus (the original and current sets), the most current drivers from NVidia, and the drivers from GLSetup 121, I come up with exactly the same results from each set of drivers.

Text: No problem
2D graphics/Windows: Perfect
Direct3D: Flawless
OpenGL: Textures are totally F___ed UP! Flickering, jumping, wildly skewing!

WTH? WTF? Has anyone ever heard of anything that can go bad with a video card, and affect only OpenGL? I haven't and I have had at least 20 video cards in my computer past, just in my main machine, as well as working in the IT field for the last 15 years.

It is very consistent, even within the same game. Homeworld supports both Direct3D and OpenGL. The card works great with D3D, and looks like TM on OpenGL

My decision to try to install this on Sunday afternoon cost me the chance to play in the DDM!

Anyone who has had a similar experience, please speak up.
I am not convinced it is a hardware problem yet, but I don't really feel like setting up a testbed system for this, reinstalling Windows on my machine, or any of the other time consuming things I could do. A shortcut would be most appreciated!

When I get home tonight, the first thing I am going to do is to reinstall my trusty Voodoo 3 3000.

I guess I am going to have to take my frustration out Ras or whoever is on the servers tonight.


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Well... you can try.
Wish I could help, but the things you don't want to do (reload Windows, etc.) are the exact things I know to do. Good luck.


posted July 09, 2002 09:00 PM            
Seems that they don't have very good opengl support. ATI used to be like that before they introduced radeon. dunno what to tell ya. sry.


=DNX= Matrix
posted July 09, 2002 10:04 PM            
ive seen similar on a voodoo 2 (12 meg) with glide..... i wound up chucking it in the bin....


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Sorry to hear about yer woes, MC!

Can you take it back? Just wondering...

Best video card for less than $50 is the Geforce2 GTS-V 32mb DDR card at NewEgg:

It's become one of the best bargains out there so you might have to hunt one down if NewEgg doesn't have it in stock or just keep checking back with them. I get all my hardware stuff from them and the gear can be at your door with their standard shipping in 2 days. It will beat the pants off of any of the MX cards all day long...

So...let's see if I can come up with a possible solution fer yer problematic card. Is it the Magic Pure or the Pro?

Have you checked under the heatsink to see if it has any thermal grease under it? It probably wouldn't hurt to check especially since it has those pins you can pull off and see. Also, you might think about getting an active cooler (or a better one if you have the 7100Pro) instead of the passive heatsink that's on there. Thermaltake's Blue Orb should work just fine. Do you have any ArticSilver 2 or 3 to use? Seems to work fine for what I do...

Did you try to run any of the video benchmark programs? GLSetup or MadOnion should be able to test the OpenGL portion. How did that turn out?

What version of DirectX do you have installed? Did you reinstall DirectX after you got the new card in? I know it might not have anything to do with it but it's worth a shot.

Oh...did you remove all the existing Voodoo drivers and then install the new Nvidia drivers?

Let me know if any of this works... You can always reach me on AIM/ICQ...


posted July 10, 2002 12:42 AM            
Na dude, just go back to the old card. Nothin like a nice chunka oldskool hardware to help keep your skills sharp.


Rex R
posted July 10, 2002 02:06 AM            
I have heard(read?) ppl talking about how the Nvida cards(new ones) not liking opengl( as in which version of UT to run with what vidcard) seems there are definate differences in frame rate etc, depending on whether you're running d3d or opengl.


posted July 10, 2002 04:18 AM            
My answer to every OpenGL problem is WickedGL Sorry,I don't have a URL.It seems to cover up and/or fix OpenGL errors.

NVidia cards come with OpenGL support in the Det drivers but at least I'm unable to use GLSetup with mine.I think Nvidia wants complete control over it I guess?


posted July 10, 2002 05:09 AM            
Found the Geforce2 GTS-V card at http://www.ussa.com/ussaonline/product.asp?pf%5Fid=100%2D143%2D1001784 going for about $33.00. Not sure about shipping. According to Pricewatch, looks like their shipping costs are around $12 or so. Don't know if they have it in stock either.


posted July 10, 2002 06:25 AM            
Of course if you want me to test it for a few days or look at it for you, I'll be happy to do that. I'm here in El Paso in yer curious...