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well sort of anyhow. i remember a while back there was a thread about the origions of the phrase "I Am Become Death" and i dont think an answer was ever really found. and yes im far too lazy to look up the old thread . well, i mostly found that answer today.

i was on the comp and not paying much attention to the TV earlier today. happened to look over and see a bad guy standing over the good guy and say "I Am Become Death." i didnt catch the rest of the dialogue as my brain kinda seized and froze at that point.

the movie was called Border Patrol if youre wondering: "Two lawmen, one a mortal and one from the afterworld, track a serial killer after he escapes from hell."

anyhow, after hearing that phrase on a movie i decided to do a little hunting and see what i could come up with for info on it.


If the radiance of a thousand suns
Were to burst at once into the sky
That would be like the splendour of the Mighty one
I am become Death,
The shatterer of Worlds.

Bhagavad Gita, the sacred Hindu epic recalled by J. Robert Oppenheimer while viewing the first nuclear explosion in Alamagordo, New Mexico, July 16, 1945


heres a small quote from http://www.asitis.com/ on the book.

"The Bhagavad-gita is universally renowned as the jewel of India's spiritual wisdom. the Gita's seven hundred concise verses provide a definitive guide to the science of self realization."

now, what i havent figured out (i quickly got tired of my "research" and moved on to other things) is exactly where the phrase originated. it either:
1) is actually in this Bhagavad-gita book somewhere, or
2) maybe Robert Oppenheimer simply got his words all mixed up in 1945 while he was being expposed to radiation and a few random words fell out.

regardless of its origions its still a great catch line . if anyuone else feels like looking up more on this it would be interesting to get a final result.

ok, theres my pointless post for the day

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I AM BECOME GIGABYTE, DESTROYER OF SYSTEMS - Reboot Cartoon at the start of the season 3 finalie "gigabyte" just b4 mainframe fell to the webvirus.

PS: Gigabyte was the result of a merge between Megabye, the webvirus spore and female virus "hexadecimal"

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In Full Metal Jacket, you'll also notice Adam Balwin's character "Animal Mother" has it written on his helmet.


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Here's a quote from a page titled "I Am Become Death, the Destroyer of Worlds" that seems to explian the name of the weapon itself, Shadow:

This story arose from reading "The Shadow Within" (yet again) and realising how much I adore the character of Morden, both what he was and what he became. I ....

Hmm... I wonder if Phillip McNalley is an avid Babylon 5 fan?

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I knew about this quote,"I am become Death, the Destroyer of Worlds." But I never knew where it came from.

Another one that some people don't undrestand is the "All Along" which is written on the tower in the Ramp and a few others I think.That refers to a Jimmy Hendrix song,"All Along in the Watchtower"


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I don't think it has anything to do with babylon5...I think JV was right when he mentioned Oppenheimer's quoting of the Bhagavad-Gita. The phrase did in fact originate in the Bhagavad-Gita, which is essentially the Hindu version of the bible. Not sure if Oppenheimer quoted it correctly, but he had the right idea at least.

Hindus believe in one god that can divide into a trinity of spirits or "characters". The main god is Brahman (i think?), who can become Brahma (he who creates), Vishnu (he who preserves), and Shiva (he who destroys). Basically, Brahma creates the world, Vishnu maintains it, and Shiva...well, he eventually destroys it.

What happens is, near the end, when Brahman becomes Shiva, he exclaims, "(Now) I am become death, the destroyer of worlds". Of course, the text was not written in English, so the phrase loses a bit in translation. But it means, for all intents and purposes, that "destruction is coming" or, "the apocalypse is here", or whatever. That's all Oppenheimer meant when he said it in 1945, and I think that's all LDA meant when they put it in the game.

But that's just my opinion...I could be wrong.


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Super, "All Along the Watchtower" was by Bob Dylan, not by Jimi, although Jimi did play it at woodstock. Steve Ray Vaughan also recorded a version of it.


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You got me.I just know Jimmy sang it and made it famous