Author Topic:   Destroying tanks in race games
Phasma Felis
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posted June 22, 2002 06:04 AM         
Hey, all. I've been playing the Tread Marks demo, and I'm thinking about getting the full version. I have a question first, though.

Is there any way, either in the game or through a mod or hack, to allow tanks to destroy other tanks in race games rather than just blowing their turrets off? The thing I like about combat racing games is the ability to come in last in a ten-man race but still place 3rd 'cause you killed the other seven guys. Without this, the race mode seems to me not much different from a typical off-road racing game...boring. And I don't know if the deathmatch mode alone is enough for me to register--I'm not wealthy, so I have to choose the games I buy carefully. If a mod like this is available, it would make my decision to buy or not much easier.

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Welcome to the game and the forums, Phasma Felis! Keep on Fraggin!

As far as I know, I haven't come across anything that would suggest eliminating a tank completely from the race. What fun would it be if your tank got blown up and you couldn't even respond? I know you do get frag counts in the races but I'm not aware if it applies to your race position or not. BTW, what other combat racing games are there? Just curious...not obnoxious or arrogant.

For the deathmatch/DDM portion of Tread Marks, what counts is the frags & deaths. We have tons of user made tank, weapon, and map mods available for download for the full version of the game. As I'm not wealthy myself, I ended up picking the game at retail over a year ago. You can always get it directly from Longbow Digital Arts (LDA) at http://www.treadmarks.com/purchasing.html.

You might be able to find it in some of electronic shop's bargain bins for as low as $5. You might have to do some shopping to find it.

We'd like to see you get the full version of the game as we feel it's a great game to play. Pop onto the Demo server sometime...you'll get the chance to use some neat weapons that's not included in the demo!

Hope to see you on the servers soon!


posted June 22, 2002 09:18 AM            
The cheapest I could find TM in stock was $12 at http://www.akaei.com/. Just click on the Tread Marks link. They ship from the UK...

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posted June 22, 2002 11:21 AM            

I would put A deathmatch mode down for several reasons.

1) there are like dozens of free add-on tanks that the users have made.
2) there are dozens of maps that the users have made (again free).
3) there are hundreds of weapons that the users have made (again free).
4) every sunday night we have a "DDM" (Deadliest Death Match) - 24 people show up. mayhem
5) There is also the STORM add-on "pack". Think top-notch cars (no tanks) like the General Lee (w00t) and awesome maps. Again, free and made by users of TM.
6) There are also 2 more addons coming - GROPOS and BZ.

Plus the fact that it's a nice small community - just ignore ras & mex, they like to harass each other.

Are you on broadband? If so, then you can run your own server. It's about 6KB per user to run a server.