Author Topic:   DMF Tourney : SUSPENDED
=DNX= Matrix
posted May 24, 2002 08:45 AM            
For now at least, with the combination of the lack of a main server and changes to BamZipPows 2 tanks that were to showcase I simply dont have the time to rectify this in time for the tourney and get ready to host the updated server packs. I also dont think in light of recent bad news that its fitting to hold this event at this time.

sorry ppl - ill announce another date shortly.

wolfman & ban, ill contact you soon with new dates for server hosting. Thx for your patience folks.


posted May 24, 2002 08:49 AM            
Cool Matrix we understand m8!! Might give more people time to dl the master flag pack an see my wonderful flag in the tourney :P

How many people can actually host servers for this Tourney besides the main server?

The Ahn-NI-hilator


[AoD] Ban Sach
posted June 01, 2002 02:36 PM            
well since my pc is back online i can host anytime on a cable run