Author Topic:   Get involved people!!
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its turning into a 3 guy fairy tale lol, we need more brain power for this


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Read the story first then go see it:

It's one of the greatest community stories ever told!!!!!!!

You'll laugh... You'll cry...

But mostly you'll laugh


The silly corn-nut shaped cheese ate 32 rotten taquitos,
which jumped through moist fingers. Those flatulent
superheroes bounced around their underpants until their
spores erupted.

When all hydraulic bubble-gum machines that spurt viscous
octopussies threw up, in nausiating socks his left-handed
friend said: "I swing both ways!"

They took peeeto's right socks <and> took some more starch.
Ni's pet orangutan sucked guacamole from <a> cheap metal,
insanely wrought goblet from Timbuktu.

Foolish Guatemalan Monks fell onto hot-pants. Wondrous
creatures threw sprinkled purple oozing socks that filled my nose
down <up?> 99 times.

Cousin's aunts brother's hair whipped my pimply ego.
Strange keys fell outta paradise jelly and ignighted mommy
into hell.

Though many orgy's occasionally hammered Midgets into oblivion.
Bananas containing slippery iguanas can waddle profusely.
Herbavores prefer socks that comment ingeniously about the
weatherman's glutimus maximus and Paranor's tiny juevos
rancheros con leche.

Often Microsoft Macrohard boogers adhere to its salty cucumber
socks, though hamdingers die. Heretic fumigates boxer-shorts
xor favours all blow chunks.

But when the TM gods said Shazam! Unless hooting gorillas
wore rubber granny panties on their earlobes. Kevlar helmet
wearing juggernauts sometimes Nvidia Neoki's/Sage's spongy

Deep into japan Jebus and Silent-Bob uses brill-creme for
eating pie. Sometimes Coax deletes Guido's spamasous posts.
Ni's headless flesh-wound taste sickeningly like a shrubbery.

But RC's sheep-mines make anal noises when Kevlar kicks himself.
Conversely, crackers hyped up voluminous cheese-spread sandwitches
mayonnaised socks garnished with pickled midgets, puking greasy
elves flatulently while very unhappily.

Pop-tarts work wonders on gastro-intestinal garages. The labrat
jumped promiscuosly over Paranor. TurdHeart's elephant inflated
two-hundred-and-fifty-three blow up dolls. Brains feast on limp
asparagus pigeon droppings.

Mickey Mouse flattens Mini's eyeball while wearing spiked underwear
that perforate Mickey's inner child. Ultimately they begat Mini-Me
though we cannot quack we fart in unison.

Large sugar balls coated your knees with 1001 kangaroo pouches
filled with spam of verigated snail-droppings while moronic gnomes
danced helplessly throughout the spanish inquisition. As could be
expected MexIndian's opinion exemplifies desires for sweaty-socks
bottled in asylums.

Saber-Toothed amazons discover the Treadmarks website has become
increasingly intensely green yet disturbingly erotic for a bunch of
pimply sea creatures floating jetsom-like amidst orbital reticilating
Space Monkeys whose vabrissa's needed polishing.

Sadely the triple breasted eunics breast-milk covered soured hay bails.
Who wondered surreptitiously...


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Sadly, it's probably a better script than certain recent Lucas films that shall remain nameless.


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Treadmarks 2: Attack of the Foolish Guatemalan Monks


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My favorites:

"Strange keys fell outta paradise jelly and ignighted mommy into hell"

"though many orgy's occasionally hammered midgets into oblivion"

"mayonnaised socks garnished with pickled midgets"

And of course... words to live by...
"though we cannot quack we fart in unison"

Amazing, if you realize these were written almost one word at a time, by different people.


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LOL, the chaos the chaos the chaos *smacks himself back into place* I'm LMAO!!!

NOW!!! If we can just play TM like we used to, we'd be laughing and having fun just like this! C'mon, people! start playing some mod servers more if you aren't. Da' Dudymas misses you! (you know me, I'm just a mod boy! Who likes cookie dough!). Hehehehehehe, and who wants to be the first person to describe the face ol' Tracer Bullet would make if he saw this, LOLOLOL!