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Ok well, short drama but perfectly illustrates the need for control as ive stated before. This is one thing i was trying to get accross to LWA during its formation although if you ask me its panning out very well lads - well done.

From this point onwards DNX will be taking the following steps.

1) To make public its conditions of membership and code of conduct.

2) To enforce a grievence procedure where one is necessary.

Actually we've had one for 8 years but its only been used once - in fact most of our VP's arn't aware of the procedure since it happened in bz duriung dnx's early days online - this is my failing and I will put this right. The same procedure will be added and enforced to DMF govorning the acceptable behavior between member clans and players.


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ah, guess I should update the LWA site to include similar items.

LWA will inforce proper behavior of it's members, but if one member picks a fight with someone else, it is their fight, not the clan's. If said fight becomes a personal attack on someone, that is grounds for dismissal.

(now directed at other players) if any LWA member is found to be acting in a fashion unbecoming of an LWA member, please make notice of it here, on the LWA boards, or by contacting any other LWA member. I believe that all clan matters should be made public, no matter what the situation.

i'm not speaking for all of LWA (but I hope that what I say would be the same for all LWA members). If any LWA member has a problem with what I have said, please contact me so we can discuss it.

Looking for a clan without many requirements? Join LWA. Enrolement is open. Just contact any member listed on the LWA page: http://home.woh.rr.com/kvorlon/LWA.htm

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Grievence Procedure? We a Union now?


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Agreed. Didn't see this earlier or I would've replied....

Rix: thx for the compliment. Requirements were something I wanted to stay away from in the very beginning, mostly since LWA was intended to become a very open and informal clan. However, the benefits of having requirements that are made public and agreed upon before entry are continually made more clear.

Though I haven't said so, I do appreciate your efforts to guide the development of LWA from the very beginning.