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posted May 01, 2002 11:33 PM            
This was brought to me by a good friend in the CE Clan - One Mr Odessey


If you have KaZaA then you MUST read this. Rush brought this to my attention after he ran a trojan scan. It seems KaZaA has a built in trojan virus and turns active ass soon as you Click YES-I AGREE on their liscense agreement. Heh, No im not ****ting you, This trojans is called BDE, aka Brillaint. It's a Cleint/server trojan that lets people take control and even *USE your computer when its idle*. I was wondering why my mouse cursor moved when i wasnt at my computer, now i know why! This is scarey because its estimated that 6 MILLION people have KaZaA. If you have KaZaA then you need to go to www.downloads.com and get the trojans scanner called The Cleaner, and then run it. If you find BDE delete it!. thx


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I posted this april 4th, in the General forum.

Last post in this thread at the bottom.


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bah. of COURSE there is spyware. most people that scan (Using AdAware) find over 200 instances of spyware from Kazaa.

my point?


Use KazaaLite. the hacked Kazaa that lacks all the spyware.
(BTW, I use it, no more Bonzi Buddy or banner adds or any other junk! WOOT)

Extra Features compared to original KaZaA
- No Adware
- No Spyware
- No banners
- No bitratelimit for mp3 files
- No irritating websites loaded into KaZaA
- No crappy BDE Viewer
- No f*cking Bonzi Buddy
- Set up multiple users with the included PseudoTrack tool

I give it:

Five thumbs up.

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THats right.. Don't use Kazaa, use Kazaa lite:

all the Kazaa, no spyware!


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bring bak napster!!

anyway, im geting the cleaner , and kazza lite, but i duno if ill have the trojan...i was useing grokster which used kazza tho so i might do

and i got so many open ports i duno what top do , mny budy haked me today , didnt do anything at all but he sed he could if he wanted to cos he tryed

can anyone help me with this open port thingy? and fire walls? but i dont want it to screw up my gameing, my msn doesent have a firewall eithre im told

that suksa the most! =(


posted May 02, 2002 04:48 AM            
Tojons Smojons For all the stuff I get for free with Kazaa they can have full access to my computer


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try winmx no spyware and a great interface .http://winmx.com . Give it a try , small download .

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posted May 02, 2002 08:03 AM         
www.winmx.com .


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Yea Guido, I use WinMX also for files, mpgs, jpg's too but Audiogalaxy for MP3's!

I used Kazaalite b4 my reformat but foir a while the website I got it from was down!

Also had the cleaner...won't Norton AntiVirus detect it?