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Currently on cable modem and found out today that my phone line is precertified blah blah for DSL in our area. They will guarantee 256kb upload and 1.5 mb download. Wondering everyone's comments/opinions on the pluses and minuses between the two. Thanks


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Sent it to my bro, harmless. He recently look at it too.


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Kinda depends on how many people in your area are sharing cable . With adsl or glite which according to the numbers you stated is what you'd be getting , your not sharing your bandwidth with anyone else . I previously had sbc dsl and thought it was great , I can't speak for cable though . With luck i'm gonna try and get dsl again .

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I would also check to see if what the DSL people say is true. That speed they say you will get might only happen if your next door to the server. DSL speed drops off the farther away you get from the server. I belive DSL can go 2500 feet of line wire. Thats the bad. The good is like what Guido said, DSL speed does not change as more people log onto the server. The good about cable is that you can live 5 miles from the server and get as good of a speed as the guy next to the server. The bad is as more people in your neighborhood log on the speed goes down. So it kinda comes down to who the companys are and how good they are. Ask people that have one of the other and see how they like it. Check out the prices and how much downtime they have if any. I know Road Runner seem to raise their prices every 6 months. You could also flip a coin.

Hope this helps.

Hope this helps


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lol you noticed that also about RR - they are annoying. lol


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theory and practical reality are 2 things.
first, i'm surprised that your DSL is as fast as
it is. normally residental DSL is 384K down
and 128K up. anything faster than this was
a lot more money (this is pacbell in calif)
i got DSL for my work (i'm the computer
guy where i work) and i had this DSL for home.
going to DSLreports and 2wire to do bandwidth
tests (for both home and work) never yielded
their rosy promises. on average, DSL was
approx 300K down and 100K up.
i just switched to cable because for less
money, i can get 1.5M down, but it is still
limited to 128K up. the bandwidth tests show
over 1.5M down (which is geat) upstream isstill
under 128K, but better than DSL.

if you can get faster upstream, than i would
definitely go for it. but i would definitely go to
and http://www.2wire.com/support/index.html

and monitor you up and down streams like a
hawk. if they can't deliver it, then you need
to back it up with a little history of bandwidth
testing. take screenshots of the results pages
and keep them. put a date and time on
everything. there are FCC rules that if
they promise a certain bandwidth, then they
must give it to you or fix whatever is wrong
so that you can get those promised rates.
but you will need to document the bandwidth
speeds and do it consistently over a period of
time, then you will probably need to be
persistent to get them to fix your lines.

document, document, doucment.


may peace doggedly
follow you.

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Cable-you are sharing the bandwidth with everyone else so you could possibly be paying for 56K speeds during peak hours.I know people that do.

DSL-Speed is really dependant on the distance your circuit is from the your house.Most people seem to thing its how far it is from your house to the telephone company but its actually the circuit your line runs through.I'm about 2 miles from my telco ciruit and get advertised speeds.
And cost.DSL is usually more expensive than cable.

Cable-Tends to get faster speeds than DSL at a better price.
DSL-Constant speeds at anytime of the day.You aren't sharing.

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Ihave dsl and this is what i get http://www.dslreports.com/speedtests/754784;312304;1a0edf269b1cc9d7d ab0e76377032b47;2.0;www.dslreports.com

and I have a webserver, ftp server and tm server running.

They promised me more too. check your agreement. It probably says that dsl is a "Best Effort " service. Least thats what they told me when I complained.

We did this test thing before in another thread. If that is your average speed you better get rid of pacbell. I am in SF and I use earthlink

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I have RoadRunner and I am paying $35. They wanted to jack up the prices but all I had to say was "fine, I will get DSL". That statement seemed to magically switch on a "special promotion" rate. Dunno if this will work in other RR areas, but so far so good for me!
My speeds are between 300 to 600k, according to various tests.


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roadrunner here.

average almost 2 megabit down and about 390 kbit up.