Author Topic:   Community Mod Pack
posted April 30, 2002 10:50 AM            
The Community Mod Pack is growing by the minute. When I first started the page yesterday, I had three author's. It now stands a eight author's.

If you have never made a mod before and would like to, but you think it's to hard or complicated, please post here. There are plenty of people to help. Modifying an existing stock one is very easy. Have you ever wished that a stock weapon did something a little different.

I would like to list examples to help get people excited about this project:

You know how it's sometimes tough to hit anything with grenades. Thanks to wolfman's HypedUp Grenades, that's a thing of the past. It's more like a Mark19 Grenade Launcher now.

Under the category of Cruise Missile Chaos, Kv made a cruise missile mod called "Quad" it breaks off into 4 cruise missiles, each does less damage than a regular missile but they last longer.

Rex's Guided Missile is really cool. You point your laser sighting toward the enemy and watch the missile descend. There is a preview movie (RealPlayer format, before Divx) in the new mods section.

Kong's Blockbuster is a modified airstrike that has only one bomb but believe me... this bomb has your name on it. Also has a preview movie (Divx) in the new mods section.

Sailor has 5 cool new maps and Kong has 2 and, of course, Matrix's cool new Tron map. (I will also put the tron tanks in the pack especially for this map.)

King Tiger has some really cool new tanks. Arlo, a small fast tank with cool colors. And a new one I have not seen yet called Mole.

And I have the humble Holy Hand Grenade, fun to use mainly because of the sound files, and the Liquid Stealth Tank.

So if you are interested and you want to be immortalized by being in the community mod pack, then just ask "Hey, how do I make a dirt ball that makes a flower power mound." or "I want to make a normal machine gun but with super high tracking." or "I want to make a map from my Bio picture." or "Help! my children saw Paranor's Bio Map in the Storm Pack and now need thearapy."

See the Community Mod Pack here.