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WELLLLLLLLL, after I downloaded Paint Pro Shop to one of the computers at school, I decided to install it, so as I was looking for it, I found a game on the hard drive called something like mini-tanks, I'm not quite sure what its name was and I really didn't have a chance to play it. But all I know is that on the main screen(by the way, this was a demo) there was some writing saying: Brought to you by the creators of DX - Ball. Anyway, i'll be going to Computer Class(which is very boring this monday and I'll download it to my website for downloading

Finally, something that doesn't have!!!!

A clear blue sky, as we start the day, burning metal shows us are way. Screaming nukes pass are ears, as we protect he ones we hold dear. It is not a game we play, so real and hard, as I frag your tank it becomes charred. For the love of this, I will show, blasting my opponents, the only way I know. To live, is not to be fragged, but I still hate that darn lag. For it may seem easy to some and hard to others, with all my love, I call you my brothers.


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Did LDA create Dx-Ball? or Dx-Ball2? I don't remember?

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LDA made DX-Ball2, not the original. The original was made by Michael P Welch, with some help from Seamus.

And yes, Mr. Welch did make Mini Tanks.


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so where does Scorched Tanks come into the timeline ?


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LDA made addon map packs for DX-Ball and DX-Ball 2. They created Rival Ball.

The tank game you are refering to is available here: http://www.blitwise.com/
They are the makers of DX-Ball, and Pocket Tanks, and they are working on a PC conversion of Scorched Tanks which they previously made for the Amiga.


If you want all the details, go bug Dudymas

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