Author Topic:   AI or ET?
posted April 08, 2002 10:07 PM            
AI for me,
ET for you,
as long as I speak,
I dis-like scooby-doo.

What the heck is this one about?

I have two great things to talk about!!!!!!!!!!

We should create a mass website with all the screen-shots and gifs. Every single one that you can find and create.

And one more big thing.
After countless testings, I created a patch for the TMMod: SDM or Sudden Death Match.
This patch includes 3 custom maps, and some new visual softwear specificly for the Treadmarks engine. Basiclly for those who don't know about SDM.

First, the DM or any other mass player game would start off like a normal game with teams and everybody trying to kill someone. Once the time ended, the two players with the most kills or (frags) for the young ones out there, will face each other in the SDM Round. At this point, the two play will be transported to 1 of the three maps to battle. Both TF’s (Tank Fighters) start of with full health and 8 120mm bullets. The only weapons that are not allowed are: nukes, matter bombs, and cruise missiles, I mean that wouldn’t be fare, having an opponent chase you then end up being blown up with a CM. Now there are three types of SDM Rounds, such as: First Blown First Serve, which is basically first one to frag wins, then there’s First to three or the first one to frag there opponent three times wins, and then there’s the first to five. If at any time the clock runs out of time, which you can change from 20mins to infinity, the player with the most frags or health wins. Frags over health wins by the way. The cool thing is that the other TF’s(tank fighters can watch the battle on their screen. They can not only talk to the TF's, they can also talk to the other castaway’s about the match. If you somehow manage to kill yourself you lose, if you frag your opponent and yourself, a win will go to both of you, on the other hand if your playing first blown first serve, then you will start over until there's a winner, but there's a catch, you will both start off with only half of your life. If this happens again, you will both start off with only 10% of your health. And like Jim suggested, this will have a ghost mode, with full camera controls (preferably a birds-eye view).

I'm sure there are a few things I left out but i'll fix'em later. Anyway, as for relesing this patch. I still have a few more things to check but i'll keep you guys updated. After all, I don't want to get you a patch that doesn't even work or messes up TM to a point where its unplayable.


posted April 09, 2002 05:45 AM         
LOL, keep up the work!


posted April 09, 2002 08:58 AM         
wow - sounds interesting!

hey Sage, i'm curious - by "patch", do you mean an actual software patch that will modify the TM executable?

or is this (what i would call) a mod? (i.e. custom or modified ENTITY and/or BITMAP files, etc...)?


posted April 09, 2002 09:39 AM            
gnarly man!


posted April 09, 2002 04:02 PM            
A real patch.

Im also trying to make to make a patch that allows you to give a negative-kick effect when making mods. If im lucky I should have it done in 2-4 weeks.

A clear blue sky, as we start the day, burning metal shows us are way. Screaming nukes pass are ears, as we protect he ones we hold dear. It is not a game we play, so real and hard, as I frag your tank it becomes charred. For the love of this, I will show, blasting my opponents, the only way I know. To live, is not to be fragged, but I still hate that darn lag. For it may seem easy to some and hard to others, with all my love, I call you my brothers.