Author Topic:   Idea For DMF and Winamp
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From what i can see from my last post alot of people like winamp. Like I did not already know that lol.

For those of you that don't know what winamp is it is a really good program from the people at Nullsoft. It allows you to play back MP3's with much more chose on what it will sound like unlike the default windows medea player. Go to the site http://www.winamp.com/

I have an idea. Winamp also allows you to skin it (Make it look diffrent). It will take some work but I bet that one of the people reading this can make a good looking skin that represents the DMF. Make One About TM too. To find out how to make one go to http://www.winamp.com/nsdn/winamp2x/dev/skins/

Good Luck


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Kinda on topic.I have put mp3's into my music folder and haven't had any problems.I do change the mp3's from time to time and have noticed that sometimes it does hang up when loading a mp3 and sometimes it dosen't.I think I know what the problem is.I think that when it hangs the mp3 is something other than 128kbit,44100hz and I think the mp3 dosen't hang when it is 128kbit,44100hz(the normal setup for mp3's).After all the default TM music is just mp3's,and dosen't have any hang ups for me, so why would other mp3's cause problems?Try it out too and see if it helps you.If you user peer to peer to download music they show what kbit and hertz the mp3 is so just find one that is 128kbit,44100hz.

Thats a good idea too Slayer.


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interesting, never really considered such stuff.... ill take a look - thx