Author Topic:   TM Picts
posted April 02, 2002 02:33 PM            
lookie lookie! i am still alive!

chances are i missed it somewhere along the way with me only checking the board about once a week or so...

but does anyone have coppies of the "family picture" snap shots taken at the birthday bash DDM? i never did get to see any of the shots taken from that one. wanted to see the group picture

if so could you email them to me at JVortex@bzrpg.com please.


oh, also, from what ive gathered here theres going to be a Storm Racer DDM scheduled for 4/21? is that correct? ill REALLY try hard to make it to that one. dont think ive made it to a DDM since about DDM #5 or so (not including my brief appearance at the birthday bash that is)! and we're up to what now, 28? lol.

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Unless i missed it too lol - can someone post the info so i can add it to DMF's news thead - thx .


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posted April 02, 2002 08:25 PM            
Oh - WB JV