Author Topic:   Another Peom!!! About the Maps!!!
posted March 31, 2002 02:25 AM            
The Sand of Scarab, charred and glassy.
Nuke-formed lakes and rivers, non-grassy.
Lava is found in this Volcano, Get hit by it and your tank will feel lots of pain’O. Speed here is not uncommon. I cannot speak the name of this, for there is frequent bombings.

Ok, I give up, this poem sucks.
The previous one, I had more luck.
I wish I could make it better.
Right about now I could go for some cheddar.

Tanks in this game rule the world.
This may not rhyme, but I still can’t get a girl….Friend. Darn it man, school sucks.
I wish was there was a legal way to make some quick bucks. I really want to be a Rock-Star, with my cool drummer, bassist, and me-the one who plays the electric guitar. I may suck at singing, but in a few years with training, I’ll be bling-blinging. Peace Ya'll, and great Cimmy-Chungga's to guide ya.

A clear blue sky, as we start the day, burning metal shows us are way. Screaming nukes pass are ears, as we protect he ones we hold dear. It is not a game we play, so real and hard, as I frag your tank it becomes charred. For the love of this, I will show, blasting my opponents, the only way I know. To live, is not to be fragged, but I still hate that darn lag. For it may seem easy to some and hard to others, with all my love, I call you my brothers.


posted March 31, 2002 08:09 AM         
Here I sit. Broken-hearted.
Came to frag, but only lagged.


guido 1
posted March 31, 2002 02:50 PM         
roses are red..... violets are purple..... does the young sage..... play TM like urckle ???

If you can't run with the big [D.O.G.]'S .... stay on the porch hehe ... Guido the mercy killer .... FRAG ON .....


posted April 01, 2002 09:00 AM            
Beans, Beans
good for your tank
the more you eat,
the higher your rank

the higher your rank
the better you feel

What are you doing wrong?
Why are you doing it wrong?
Why are you still doing it wrong?