Author Topic:   Phew - so much going on...
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posted February 27, 2002 10:36 AM            
that i lost the plot somewhere down the line - can someone please send me all the dates of regualr matches a-la ddm/sunday etc so i can post em on dmf. If clans or anyone has practive nights that would be useful too for ppl who may wanna join your clan - they can play with ya and you can decide if they have the right stuff.

Also what do ppl think about setting dates for the rest of 2002 re tournies, matches etc... i think this would help ppl plan ahead.


posted February 27, 2002 12:15 PM            
let's see what par's little tool says, no?

Quarter-Mexican, Quarter-Indian, Quarter- fragging extravaganza,
Quarter- engineer, Quarter- aspiring artist,Quarter-s and dimes, and a quarter.... how many quarters do I have so far? Ok then, fragged and quartered!
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