Author Topic:   FOUND IT!!! O YES!! I ROK!!! O YES!!!
posted February 22, 2002 11:06 PM            
although my slams and flames about AOL were justified...for once and probably there last time ....it wasnt there fault *shok*
my farm is quite rural (i live on a farm as well as the city) and the line to our farm is damaged thus booting my sorry a$$
this prob should of course dissapeer when i move bak to edin with my pc , which i hope to do this sunday so ill b there for the DDM/CTF
my apologies for missing seumases bday bash , i feel bad cos i wanted to go to it
but killer movie par =) it was reely sweet!
speed up the captions a bit tho so i can watch the action as well as read the caption just as fast

be bak before you can say T-62

Grind n' Click , Lock n' Load


posted February 23, 2002 08:34 AM            
so it was BT who weren't up to light speed then!!! JEEEEEEZZZZZ!!!

Feck It... Light Speed