Author Topic:   Sadly My First Topic As An Administrator
posted February 03, 2002 02:59 PM            

all have the same IP#. Claims to say they are different people at the same computer lab are probably false. Quote by a concerned Tread Marks player

Tread Marks isn't that big to attract more then one lunatic at a time.

The major problem with his spam as pointed out by yet another Tread Marks Player

I mean, he has 10 post conversations with himself, it screws up a whole thread

Jim has been informed on the situation and he has said he will keep an eye on the situation too.

Anything we do to stop his ramblings will probably only increase the volume of his posts. My advice to the community at large is not to respond to ANY of his post for ANY reason. He seems to get off when people respond. I for one will never respond to another Guido question on thread until he becomes a more responsible member of this community or leaves. I hope he decides the former.