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Well, since the upcoming DDM will be using my mod pack, I figured I’d post some strategy for the weapons and tanks, so the people who have never used it won’t get torn apart by the people zipping around in Ifrits (I’m looking at you, Superunknown ).

I’m writing this so people who’ve never had the chance to play on The Impaler or haven’t downloaded my mod pack (sniff, sniff) will have a chance against those of us who’ve used these weapons before. Also, I don’t feel like answering “what’s the Peacekeeper do” for the 5000th time .

Common Weapons

Fire Crawler: Looks like a gold-colored, squished plasma cannon. The current version reloads quicker than in the initial release. It can kill a full health tank in about 4-5 shots. This weapon doesn’t guide, so you need to be good at leading your shots. The shots will also hug the ground like R-Grenades, so you can attack people sitting on top of hills. However, the shot won’t hug the ground right when starting to go down from a hill, so if someone’s shooting up at you with this, try to get over the back ridge of the hill. Most likely, the shots will go over you. Another good way to avoid the shots is to try and run sideways, and hope that the person shooting at you is bad at leading their shots.

Flamethrower: Looks like a smaller version of the Heavy Flamer, with a orange-red colored tank. Try to hit with the initial projectile if you can, as it does a good amount of damage. After the initial projectile hits, a fire will burn where it hit for about 15 seconds. Anything sitting in the fire will take damage. If you really want the most bang for your buck, light multiple fires right on top of each other. You may not get as much coverage, but anything that wanders into that one fire will take a ton of damage. Also, Paranor seems to think that this one sounds like a bowling ball rolling down an alley… I personally don’t think so .

Hailstorm: While this may look similar to the avenger, it acts quite differently. Hailstorm bullets are hitscan. What this means is that the shot hits its target as soon as you press fire, the same way the Laser, Mass Driver, and Shadow Keeper do. This helps a little with sniping, as the person being shot at can’t see where the bullets are coming from. Also, the rate of fire is higher than the Avenger. However, the downside to the Hailstorm is that the shots have a nasty spread. At medium to long range, the shot spread makes hitting anything more luck than anything else. However, at (maybe double the Ramdrill’s range), the Hailstorm is VERY nasty. While sniping may be difficult due to the spread, it’s still worthwhile to fire in the general direction of an injured tank. You may just get lucky.

Against the Hailstorm, there’s one very good thing to keep in mind… the bullets have no kick. As long as someone isn’t right next to you when they fire, you’ll have a few seconds before they get you. Use those seconds to (hopefully) knock them around with whatever weapon you’ve got. Of course, this works best with weapons like the Dirtball, Mass Driver, Concussion, etc.

Minethrower: Teal in color, and looks like a thinner MRL. This one’s pretty straightforward. Shoots 5 projectiles at a time at the same angle as the MRL with a bit of spread. When the projectiles hit the ground, they turn into small plasma mines. These mines don’t do as much damage as regular ones, but you can lay a nice field of them pretty quickly. Also, the mines don’t bounce or roll down hills. They stick where they are, so you can shoot them on a hill in front of a fleeing tank without worrying that they’ll bounce or roll past them. The one thing to note is that hitting a tank with the projectiles themselves does far less damage than them running into one of the mines, so try to fire ahead of where someone is going.

Trick Ramdrill: One of my personal favorites. It looks almost like a regular Ramdrill. However, instead of the normal motors used in the Ramdrill to turn the bit, the Trick Ramdrill’s casing is packed with concussive explosives. When fired, the resulting explosion destroys the casing, and tosses everything else nearby. The drillbit gets tossed forward at a high velocity, and the tank that fired it gets a good shove sideways. A tank hit by the flying bit takes a good amount of damage, and also gets sent flying. This one is really nasty, due to the fact that most people see someone holding a Ramdrill and get overconfident, letting them get just close enough so that they can’t be drilled. Use that as an advantage, and charge at someone like you’ve got the regular Ramdrill. As far as defense goes against it… just be careful of someone being overly confident with what looks like a Ramdrill.

NOTE: A few of my mods have little easter egg type things in them… for the Trick Ramdrill, grabbing superammo powerups doesn’t give you more shots like it does with all the other weapons. The superammo increases the power of the one shot you do have. A level 2 Trick Ramdrill shot will severly cripple a full health tank, and a level 3 and up shot is pretty much a guaranteed kill (unless it’s against a Juggernaut).

Less-common Weapons

Acid Cloud: Looks like a R-Grenade launcher, but the turning part is a shiny yellow. Very similar to the Flamethrower. The Acid Cloud’s main projectile doesn’t do any damage, but the resulting cloud lasts longer, and covers a larger area than the Flamethrower. However, it doesn’t do as much damage. This one’s great to use on a small group of tanks that are too busy fighting each other. With luck, a few will be already damaged, and the yellow haze from the cloud will make a getaway really difficult.

Air Raid: Looks like a green, shiny, Shadow Keeper. This projectile from this one is VERY slow moving, and travels along the ground. If it hits a tank (or a tree or building), then the fun starts. The initial projectile explodes into about 15 smaller projectiles which fly around at a high speed, but can only hit tanks that are in the air. Any tank that gets hit will get sent flying and spinning out of control. There’s also a chance that the shots will bounce off after hitting a tank, instead of just vanishing. The best part is that when the initial projectile hits something, the ground under it gets popped up, sending any tank above it flying into the air, prime targets for any of the smaller projectiles. If you’re in the air and one of these go off, there’s not a whole lot you can do other than hope you’re far enough away to not get tracked by them. The individual projectiles don’t do a whole lot of damage, but it can add up. Plus, if you get hit, you’re most likely not going to land on your treads, so you’ll be an easy target for any enemy tank nearby.

Peacekeeper: This one is entirely an annoyance weapon. You’ll never ever get any kills with this, but you can seriously ruin someone’s day. This weapon looks like a white Shadow Keeper, and I actually came up with the idea after watching someone on the old NGI demo server run around with about 500 Shadow Keeper shots and dominate the whole game. The shots track just like the Shadow Keeper’s, but have a longer range. Any tank that gets hit will gain a small amount of health, but lose their entire stock of bolton weapon ammo, or 4 main gun shots if they don’t have a bolton. This one is wonderful for sneaking up on people with a powerful weapon and removing it from them. No real defense against this one. However, in another of my wonderful little easter eggs, this one can really allow you to “spread the peace and love”. If you miss with this weapon, a fountain of gold-colored particles will appear, and last for 20 seconds. If you drive into the particle fountain, you get boosted back to 100% health. This is great if the person coming after you with a Peacekeeper misses, or you feel like helping your teammates out. Oh one more thing, you can’t drive into your own fountains…

Plasma Rain: Looks like an airstrike box with a shiny blue dish. Use this one in much the same way you’d use an airstrike. Fire it around a crowd, and if they’re standing still, you can do a ton of damage. If someone sets one of these off near you (look for the bright blue projectile going straight up), run like heck. Not only does the rain take a few seconds to start falling, but if you’re running full speed, the plasma drops can’t hit you.

Sheep Brigade: Looks like a big sheep. This one seems to be a favorite on the server. Fairly straightforward. You fire, a big sheep flies over your tank, it lands and releases a group of angry kamakaze sheep. They’ll bound along the landscape tracking enemy tanks. Your own sheep can’t hit you for the first half of their lifespan. If you see a bunch of sheep coming at you, run perpindicular to the direction they’re going. They can’t turn too quickly. Also, it’s a good idea to get on lower ground, if they’re coming from a hill. Their bounce really makes it hard for them to hit targets below them.

Power Weapons

Annihilator: Also known as “that anit-matter thing,” the Annihilator looks like a blue concussion missile launcher with a blue sphere on top of it, with the sphere of antimatter sitting in the blue sphere. Think of the Annihilator as an Uber-Nuke. The initial explosion has about twice the range, and anything caught in it is pretty much guaranteed to be dead. However, the anti-matter explosion is of the “chain reaction” variety, so there’s a bunch of nuke-sized explosions that happen along the rim of the initial one, so even if you just clear the first blast, there’s a chance you’re still in for a world of hurt. The firing on this one is tricky. When the containment field for the antimatter is released, the ball shoots straight up from the tank, so you’ll want to drop it on the run. Most tanks can’t accelerate fast enough from a dead stop to get away before the antimatter falls back to earth (unless you’re on The Moon). This weapon is VERY rare (only appears about once every 3 games or so), but if used correctly, you can net a good amount of kills.

Atomic Plasma Launcher (APL): Looks like a orange Minethrower. This one fires atomic plasma at a high rate of fire. While an individual shot is very powerful, the way the gun fires makes scoring a hit fairly difficult. The containment field used to store the atomic plasma in the weapon is experimental, and doesn’t disperse evenly when the weapon is fired. The uneven dispersal gives the plasma a spin, causing them to start to spiral soon after they’ve left the barrel. The shots also have a nasty spread, once again due to the field dispersal. Adding to that, the barrel of the gun is raised, so the shots angle upwards from the tank. Needless to say, hitting any tank that’s close to you will prove difficult if you can’t find a good hill to angle down from.

Dark Nova: Looks like an elongated laser with the Shadow Keeper texture. Very unpredictable, but very powerful, the Dark Nova is a threat to friend, foe, and self. The initial projectile travels straight and slow, but is unaffected by gravity. After either a set amount of time, or an impact with a sold object, the projectile explodes into multiple powerful lasers. The lasers also cause a small explosion at their endpoints. The closer you are to where the initial projectile hits, the more of a chance there is that you’ll be killed. However, this presents a dilemma for the user. In order to get the best shot, you’ve gotta be pretty close, otherwise your target will have moved by the time the shot gets there. However, if you’re too close, you’re almost certain to blow yourself to pieces.

Shadow Summoner: Weighing in at over 90 ENTs, this is (to the best of my knowledge) the most ENT heavy weapon out there. The weapon pickup looks like a taller Airstrike, with a dark purple texture. In case you’ve never seen it before, what this one does is generate a dimensional rift when you fire it. The rift will gradually get bigger over the next 30 seconds, while firing bolts of dark energy peridocally. When the 30 seconds are up, some sort of alien craft emerges and proceeds to whip some tail in your name. The craft will fly around the level, shooting extended Shadow Keeper shots and missiles at tanks that aren’t on your team. After 40 seconds, the ship can no longer operate in our atmosphere, and crashes to the ground. Try to avoid being near the impact site. To get the most use out of the Shadow Summoner is to try and follow the ship around and mop up any tank that it doesn’t finish off. In most cases, you’ll only get a kill or two if you just let it fly around on its own.

Also, there have been reports of the rift doing weird things, and releasing a signifigantly larger alien craft, plus two of the regular ones. These reports indicate that the not only is the larger craft far more powerful than the regular ones, but they somehow are able to track any tank on the field, even the one who fired it (and their teammates). While this occurance appears to be rare, if you see the dimensional rift spewing particles outward instead of pulling them inwards, you may want to get to the other side of the map.

New Tanks

Ifrit: This tank uses the “Half-Track” model, and is colored bright orange. In the hands of a good driver, the Ifrit can be one of the most annoying things you’ll come across. The Ifrit has double the maximum speed of normal tanks, very high acceleration, and is nowhere near as floaty as normal tanks. However, the trade for all this agility is the severly weakened armor. An Ifrit will blow up from a single shot from many weapons, and about 2-3 from almost everything else. Its main gun is a concussive laser. It doesn’t do a whole lot of damage, but it has a fairly high rate of fire, and knocks other tanks around a good amount. As far as killing tanks goes, the concussive laser is only worth it if your target if you’ve got a lot of ammo, your target is severly injured, or you’re fighting another Ifrit. Also, be very careful about flipping the Ifrit. It lacks the means to turn itself back over as other tanks do, so if you flip over, you’ll have to drive upside down until you find a hill or bump to try and get yourself rightside-up. It may seem like a lot of disadvangates at first, but the Ifrit can be a nasty tank. You never want to go head on against anybody. Your best bet is to try and run circles around people, go charging in, fire, and charge back out without slowing down too much. The main problem there is that once you’re going quickly in a certain direction, you can’t turn sharply, so someone with good aim can take you out by leading their target. Also, all Ifrit users should keep in mind that the Ramdrill becomes very useful when you can sneak up on your target at 250mph….

Against an Ifrit, the best thing to remember is that it doesn’t take much to kill one. Against normal tanks, you’ve got to worry about hitting them multiple times. Against an Ifrit, a single Mass Round or plasma ball will take one out. 120mm shells do quite a number on them as well. Just keep in mind that when they’re going at top speed, they can’t turn well at all, so fire where they’ll be, and you’ve got a good chance at scoring some sort of hit. Rapid fire weapons also work wonders, seeing as you can just cover the entire area where they are in fire.

Juggernaut: The extreme opposite of the Ifrit, the Juggernaut is a Claymore’s chassis, Talon’s turret, with a black/gold texture. While the Ifrit trades in some armor and firepower for agility, the Juggernaut gives quite a bit of agility and speed for brute force. The armor is 2x normal tanks, and the main gun is a 360mm cannon, with an 8-second reload. Top speeds on this beast can reach a blistering 60mph (downhill), and turret rotation is excessively slow. More often than not, by the time you reach a firefight, it’ll already be over.

When using the Juggernaut, keep the 8-second reload in mind. The 360mm shells do about as much damage as a cruise missile, so that means if you score a hit on the back or sides of a tank, it’s an instant kill. However, if you miss, you’ll be a sitting duck for a very long 8 seconds. Also, due to the sheer size of the 360mm shells, and amount of the Juggernaut’s mass that’s dedicated to armor, you can only carry a maximum of four 360mm shells, so grab ammo boxes whenever you’re below your maximum.

If you’re in a stock tank, and facing off against a Juggernaut, do NOT fight them like you would a normal tank. While you can get in close and trade main gun shots with the stock tanks, doing that with a Juggernaut is suicide, as even with the 8 second reload, 360mm shots can tear a stock tank apart faster than the 120mm shots can hurt a Juggernaut. Your best bet is to find a good bolton and fire from a distance. The Heavy Flamer, Avenger, and Hailstorm do wonders against a Juggernaut. Also try to approach from behind where their turret is facing. The turret speed is so slow, that it’ll take them forever to turn around.

Another good set of weapons is ones that send a tank flying. The Juggernaut may be big and beefy, but a Mass Round or Dirtball can still put one off balance. The only problem is that you can empty 4 mass round shots into a Juggernaut, and it’ll still have a good amount of fight left in it.

Nukes work great for softening Juggernaut’s up. A nuke hitting one directly will usually drop it to around 30-40 health. The Ramdrill can also come in handy if you manage to sneak up on a Jugger. If you’ve got a Plasma Rain, try releasing it near a Juggernaut, as well. The Jugger’s slow speed makes it impossible for them to outrun the falling plasma, which is almost a guaranteed kill. The Sheep Brigade also has the same effect. The Jugger just can’t outmanuver those angry sheep.

You can find the weapon pack here:


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Just curious, is this zip the one with your final edited ent's? You mentions you were going to make some minor changes to a few ent's.



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Wow, are also writing a novel?


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Just curious, is this zip the one with your final edited ent's? You mentions you were going to make some minor changes to a few ent's.

Well, I need to tone down the explosion on the Sheep Brigade and the Plasma Rain. The Sheep Brigade in particular uses WAY too many sprites for how often they go off. The server will synch any new ents, though. Even if they're the same filename.