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posted January 19, 2002 04:22 PM            
There were like 15 people playing at once Friday night.Don't know why so many came on at once...It was a pleasant suprise though.Severs have been quite dead for a while now.Lets keep it up.Thats all


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posted January 19, 2002 05:30 PM            
What time did that happen?

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posted January 19, 2002 05:39 PM            
it was actually a practise for DNX, originally starting on Nem's server at 9EST, where goku, shadow, grind, kong and myself were playing.

Then everyone left, nem came on and Grind's ping sky-rocketed then just hung up there about 4-6000 so it was nem and me for a game or two then joined hammertime where everyone else were. including a few people I'd never seen before.

THAT server became too laggy so Par set up a special server to accomodate everyone. So maybe, in the future for Fridays Par, or whoever has the capabilities, a server should be specifically set up!!

Thing is, if people were to turn up, it might become more habitual and people will turn up knowing other people will be there, but hey.. it's all been said and never been done.

If there's a special 'practise' server up, then people would know that there's something going on. I, personally would quite like to see that anyhoo!!

PS... ooh I got the 19000 post...woohoo... am easily amused, I am I am!

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