Author Topic:   Are the Tanks getting smarter?
posted January 14, 2002 07:12 PM            
Now I know this may sound wierd, but but hey it's TreadMarks.

Earlier Today I was playing TM when something real strange happened. I was driving my tank on the dark side of the moon when all of a sudden I noticed a pack of AI's
in the distance, so I decided to go after them and destroy them. They where all heading towards me, then all of a sudden, one of the tanks fires at-not me but there own partners who was right beside him causing him to fly right in front of me, and we ended up crashing. I ened up on my side and well you know wht happenes next(I get fragged).):< .

Next story:
I was playing ctf on that ice world place. I got thet flag and of course I was making a run for it, and I almost made it to the flag when all of a sudded I got hit with a love gun projectile, I must have fliped 5 times before I hit the ground. Finally when I landed, I figured that I was dead, I mean there must of be 3 of them and they each had good weapons, then just before they had a chance to get a good aim, each one of them got hit with a Nuke.It was awesome.

Third story:

I was on the dark side of the moon and had just spawned when all of a sudden I noticed a CM heading straight for me(Cruise Missile)
and there was no way I could dodge it. Then just before it hit me, one of my partners jumped in the way and took the hit for me.
Now here's whts strange, there where no there entities near by and no pickups, and as for the Enemy tank, it was at least 100meters in front of me.

There's more but right now i'm busy with some other stuff. But the question remains:
Are the Tanks getting smarter?

Fragging is only wrong if you don't mean to do it.:)


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No, Sage, my friend. It was me, in disguise, taking the hit for you.

am I a pal or what?

Either that, or you need to open the windows once in a while, dude.


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LOL Synack.

DNX-Tiggs, LWA-Aragon, BWL-Paranor and BWL-Tiger.
Family. Redefined.


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lol, gotta love Synack.


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yes and AI-Matrix fired it arnt i kind

actually theres a real easy way to dodge CM's - they dont make right angle turns - so get round a corner then come back out at a weird angle or just head toward it and veer off a bit at the last moment - i normally survive that way - runing away in a direct like tho - NAHHH BAD MOVE

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