Author Topic:   DDM Tonight ATTN D.O.G.s
The Weatherman
posted January 13, 2002 05:03 PM         
Hi Treads,
I have set up my Classic as a DDM server.
A few notes: No Teams, No guidance

D.O.G. memebers: Please do not use your custom flag! It is not installed on my server (dload link broken) and it causes huge Server logs due to large number of error messages. Please send you flag to Kevlar so it can be updated. Also, if you see one of your clanmate using the flag , please ask them to switch for the DDM. THis goes for any other new dlags not yet in the Master pack. Thanks.

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posted January 13, 2002 08:16 PM            
I have just updated the Master Flag Pack with Clan [D.O.G]'s new flag, sorry a little late for the ddm.

Get it here and check out the D.O.G. thumbnail on the first page of the flags thumbs. www.tm-central.com