Author Topic:   Custom T-Shirts Ready to Go !
=DNX= Matrix
posted January 04, 2002 02:36 AM            
Yuppers, check out the info at www.dnxdesigns.homestead.com it gives full details....

Right now ill settle for seeing what interest there is - if any orders are sent in ill sort out a good price. Remember, these wont be stock mass t-shorts, they will be designed to your own specification and are completely custom. there is an example on the site (which im currently wearing btw- lol) very comfy

Good for Clan ID, Individual cartoons, Group id or general advertising.

think about it - u and your tank on the front - treadmarks.com on the back just walk around a bit in town and point ppl at where to buy

Screensavers on the way too standby - DNX is going into overdrive in 2002.


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I couldn't find it


Rex R
posted January 04, 2002 04:52 AM            
its under advertising stuff(where they show the pamphletes and bz covers) took me a bit to find it too


=DNX= Matrix
posted January 04, 2002 06:09 AM            
sorry coax my bad - the direct link is : http://www.dnxdesigns.homestead.com/media.html

its at the bottom of the page.

if anyone wants one just get it all slapped together in a zip file n send it over - we can take it from there.


1 - Took photo of myself in the pose i wanted to use for the shot.

2 - Loaded the tank into a 3d program and aligned the angle with my photo so the 2 matched up.

3 - Grabbed a shot of one of my maps at 1024x768 then faded out the edges.

4 - sandra put me in the tank in an a4 cartoon (hand drawn)

5 - the cartoon was scanned it, tidied up and put onto the map background.

6 - i added a bit of motion blur, upped the saturation a bit, added a dropshadow.

7 - put the clan name at the top and a bz logo at the bottom.

8 - wrote up the text for the back - simple.

9 - print the whole thing out on a4 photo paper and take to Xerox T-Shirt print shop in town.

10- picked it up n wore it nice

but price depends on a few thingsa, how much work is needed on it, weather you want a4 or a3 front, back or both - they can even do shoulder printing lol.... then theres just packing it up n sending it off to wherever its going.

so the costs breakdown is:

Artwork / Printing / Post & Package

Then i still got to figure out how to take any payments lol - bear with me, if this gets streamlined it could be big news so i want to get it right.

will be visiting clan sites all over the world for different games and dropping in links - should do well if i can keep the cost low enough.

anyway ive ranted enough - l8r.


posted January 04, 2002 09:06 AM            
oh.. and... clan discount?!?!?!

Lemon Curry?!?!


=DNX= Matrix
posted January 04, 2002 11:58 AM            
lol..... yes theres always a clan discount for existing members. thats one of the perks of membership

silly boy !

Free backprint or shoulders and 5.00 off the artwork charge.saving = 8 (8 pounds sterling - about $12)

Remember, effort yeailds its own rewards, work hard n play hard for dnx and ye palm shall be crossed with benefits

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