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posted January 04, 2002 02:30 AM            
Yuppers finally got round to a few bits.

1) the new Java chat is online and looks GREAT, even allows file transfers ! - you will need to download a small file in order to use it tho.

2) The Toplist has been fixed - following the info from dreamer (thx man) i killed off the that toplist and found a great new one - there is a small popup window but thats easily got rid of - theres no porn which is a great boon and the list providers allow page embedding - so its on its own dmf page now submit your site and compete for top spot - ill make a small site logo for you all to use in the next couple of days (TM TOP 100).

3) News section updated, new utils added and new links.

4) I added links to all the registered clans forums allowing better access to them all.

5) I added a CLASSIFEIDS Forum too - so if theres any old games out there you dont want - or sumthin u do - in fact anything, use that forum.

6) BZ Strat Federation is up and running - the rules are being set as we speak ( www.smf.filetap.com ) mainly for strat in bz, but who knows that could be expanded in many directions.

Also been toying with the idea of a caption competition - thoughts ?


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posted January 06, 2002 12:26 AM            
just added more utilities and fixed parnors site link