Author Topic:   I'm a little confused... TM 2 Beta???
posted December 30, 2001 03:05 AM            
while wandering around the net i ran across a rather strange something. i found a site that had "cheats" for TM on it. it wasnt anything more than an article briefly telling how to alter a few ent files. the confusing thing is that the heading on the article is:
"Altering the game at code level (for beta 2.1)
These are for Tread Marks Test 2.1, I have never played any other version so I don't know if they will work for any other version."

my first thought was that it must be an OLD article from a test version of TM, but the date on the page says that the article was created/ posted on June 5, 2001.

is there a beta version of TM 2 out there that i hadnt heard of? im gonna try and track down the email address of the guy who wrote the article and ask him what it was. anyone else heard anything about this?
http://codes.ign.com/codes/14/13442.html is where the thing was if you want to give it a look. chances are its nothing more than a typo, but im curious anyhow .
that site also has a very flattering review of TM on there that you can read if youre bored: http://pc.ign.com/reviews/13442.html

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posted December 30, 2001 03:27 AM            
after a quicky search, esentially its version 1.01(second public test etc.) as is the info in the review (noticed right off that the review is a tad dated).