Author Topic:   One other thing, I think it's time we expand TM
posted December 18, 2001 10:15 AM            
There's this really cool game, it's called Medal Of Honor(MOH for short). It's kinda like a history shoot-ing game. It, has Most of the WWII weapons in it, and even has half-tracks and tanks in it, but not until MOH3 will you be able to drive the tanks. Now, it would take a while for me to explan this game
to you guys, so instead just see for yourself http://www.ea.com/exphat.jsp?destURL=http://mohaa.ea.com/?src=11001011apo1ghmpoxxxx

Now, don't delete this coax, because i'm not trying to spam, just help expand everybody's game play. Also, I can't really explan to the fans of MOH, that I told the fans of TM about them if I have no proof. You see, the new MOH, allows internet gameplay, and I was thinking that maybe we could show them how we do it over here. Not only that, but we'll have more TM fans.



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ye good call neoki , im sure i read somewhere that TDR 2000 was gona be added to
cos me likes TDR bigtime........matrix? true/false?

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Not trying to step on this Neoki.. it sounds a good idea but that's usually left to clans or lonewolves decisions! If a clan or someone wants to play another game, so be it. If a group of people want to play it from TM, or may already do, fair enough!

But TM is this forum and it's what we're all focussed on and interested in!! plus, I only have a dial-up... TM's about the best online game for me!

PS Good to see you back, Neoki!
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I've been playing the MOH multiplayer demo since Friday and YES...the game rocks.However,I'm more concerned with building up TM players.I appreciate every person who plays this game and I don't think we need to be recommending other games to play....unless of course you can handle the other games and still play TM all of the time.