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posted December 16, 2001 07:30 AM            
does anyone know how to lock a folder on your comp and make it into a read only folder? i have a prog on here that d loads crap into a speciffic sub directory, i want it to not be able to write files in there on its own.

i tried renaming/ removing the offending folder, which worked, but it just created a new folder at the next program launch.

any thoughts?

on a related side note, does anyone know of a good program for password protecting just random files? note that this one is for my g/f's comp, so it needs to be fairly easy to use.

something like: Right click the file, select "encrypt file" from the context menu, then put in your desired password. then just have it open up a box on file access asking for the password.

ive seen a few that do this, but they also do a lot more. i need a fairly simple one, something thats not confusing. she just wants to be able to keep the kid (and company) out of a few files, nothing high security is really needed.

thanks all

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posted December 16, 2001 07:45 AM         
It probably depends on what OS you're running, but on my W98 machine, I can right-click on a folder, click Properties, and mark the folder as read-only.

See if that addresses your first issue.

My only experience with encryption software is the industrial strength kind, but that's not what you seek. Try plugging in "freeware encryption programs" into your favorite search engine. There are a number of products you might consider.

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posted December 16, 2001 10:01 AM            
As far as encryption proggies go, the first one that springs to mind is Norton's For Your Eyes Only (or something like that). I remember looking at the box for it when I worked at a computer store a few years back.


posted December 16, 2001 10:23 AM            
im running 98se. the properties > read only idea i had tried, i forgot to mention that, it didnt work. the prog still managed to put files in the folder.

ive tried hunting w/ a search engine like you said and the progs that come back are more complex than what im after. most of them you have to lock the files within a main control window, which isnt really THAT big of a problem, i would just prefer context menu use, if it exists. about 1/2 of the ones ive tried didnt even work...

as to using Norton, most norton progs are fairly large. the comp i need to put this on only has an 800 meg drive on it with a couple hundred megs free. the password prog needs to be as small as possible . i attacked download.com last nite and grabbed a bunch of the ones they had on there with the same dissapointing results.

im still hunting...


posted December 16, 2001 11:10 AM            
Norton Secret Stuff is another free one but you can't hardly find it anymore, I have if it you want it. But its not a right-click friendly one.

And Norton FYEO that Vlad mentioned is excellent, but not free I think, but if you want an excellent free one and to be able to right click and choose encrypt, then try PGP freeware. Stands for Pretty Good Privacy. It was designed so that you could encrypt and verify email using a public key that is created at setup, that it will upload to the PGP servers. Sounds complicated but after you get it set up its simple, my wife uses it to encrypt passwords used for paying her bills at credit card company web sites and the like.

I just use it mainly to encrypt say a list of passwords or financial information. But its original purpose was to be able to send someone email for their eyes only. (Both parties have to install PGP for that to work). Unless you right-click and choose to create a "Self decrypting file" then anyone who knows the password can decrypt it.

You have a couple of options when you right click, you can choose encrypt and a list pops up of other pgp ppl's name that you would like to be able to decrypt the file. I set myself as the Default Decrypter under options that way I can always decrypt any file I encrypt.

Works great and it's free. You can email me if you have any questions.


King John 1st
posted December 16, 2001 12:26 PM            
Try this, PGP for whatever OS you're using. Right click and encrypt.


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posted December 16, 2001 01:33 PM         
MaxCrypt is easy, all you do is logon and you are done! You may want to do the "options" setup for her, though!

  • Automated encryption and decryption
  • Easy right click "on the fly" decrypting of files
  • Selected files, folders, and even drives are automatically encrypted when the computer is shutdown and decrypted when
    you log in.
  • Graphical user interface for adding files, folders, and drives to the user encryption list

Hey, you may be able to use a zip program with password lock also, thats pretty simple


Robo Jaws
posted December 16, 2001 02:53 PM            
I do not have any help on the folder side,
But how about using Winzip or PowerArchive to store files in and password protect the archive no need to use compresion but has the advantage of one password for many files, Disaventage if the archive file becomes corupted you could lose all the files in side.


posted December 17, 2001 03:02 PM            
If you are running Win 9X/ME, you are out of luck on the folder permission question. You need NT/2000/XP for that.
As far as something simple for password protection, I also would recommend that you use a Zip program like Winzip and use a password to protect the zip file.


posted December 18, 2001 01:02 AM            
thanks much guys, im gonna try the PGP proggy