Author Topic:   calibrate joystick?
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posted November 27, 2001 11:55 PM            
My joystick settings for TM got out of whack recently and I don't know how to recalibrate it for the game.

I tried going through the control panel setting of windows and recalibrating it there, but it had no effect within the game. The joy stick still works, but it has a very strong bias to the left and I can hardly keep the tank still.

Any help would be appreciated.



posted November 28, 2001 12:42 AM            
You need to fire up TM and under the joystick options you should notice that there is a deadzone for the joystick. You might want to experiment with the deadzone setting until you find out what works best for your joystick. I've got mine set for 50% for my Playstation adapter setup.


posted November 28, 2001 07:14 AM         
Try holding the joystick to the right a bit when you recalibrate it, that may work.
I had to do that with my Logitech Wingman controller, but after awhile, even that didn't work.

Dead zone ajustment still sounds like the best cure, though.

Last option for the mechanically inclined is to disassemble the unit and clean the contacts, but it's a b**ch getting it back together.