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The Weatherman
posted November 27, 2001 02:33 PM         
You ever play a game where you kicked major butt(more majorly even than usual ) and you wanted to know how you did it? Or wonder what the scores for those nifty Wed invitationals were? Well, now you can find all of that out and more!
Re-presenting TMStat - game log analyzer - by Dreamer. I feed it logs from recent games, and out comes individual player totals for frags and deaths with who kiled you or you killed AND a personal weapons histories showing your frags and deaths per weapons. If that is not enough - you can also access a chat log for each game - catch all of the jokes and sneaky team strategeries that you missed in the game. All of this for no dollars and 0 cents - practically free!
So, where can you get this wonderful, useful, and life chainging information - only from the Widows Lair (www.treadmarks.de) and only at http://www.treadmarks.de/cgi-bin/TMstatsmain.pl

So, avoid the rush and check it out now!
Oh, and if you like Dreamer's nifty analyzer, please give feedback here !

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posted November 27, 2001 02:34 PM         
Here or in the BWL forums.


posted November 27, 2001 06:00 PM            
Dude this is truly awesome. I really don't understand all this stuff, but I think it's really cool. So is it easy to Sum up the totals for each Series of games such that one luky fragger(or lucky team) can be the night's victor?

If it's easy and you feel up to it, I think it would be real cool.

PS - Please erase that typo that I fragged 5 people and died 25 times in one round, it is clearly a computer burp, and if you don't take it down I'll sue you for defamation and calumny. :p

All fragging extravaganza.


posted November 27, 2001 10:10 PM            
that a pretty sweet deal , good job dude

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