Author Topic:   Music for the game.
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posted November 20, 2001 11:55 PM            
Speaking of the last Music topic made I was wondering if Treadmark's corny default music could be replaced by something that is a little more acceptable? Drop the Bombshell by Powerman5000 is very suitable for this game and so is Worlds Collide by Powerman5000. If that was possible then I would be jamming to the beat and jamming a missile up the tailpipe of unsuspecting prey. >=P


posted November 21, 2001 01:15 AM            
you can make a dirs.cfg file. just make it a normal text file in your TM root directory and rename it to dirs.cfg

add in a single line to that file being the directory path to wherever on your computer you keep you MP3's.

the only real "trick" to this is that the final directory needs to be named "Music" for some reason.

something like
C:\Windows\Desktop\My Folder\Music
would be just fine

there ya be , make TM play any music you like.

this makes TM ignore the stock music directory. as an alternative you can drop your tunes into the addons folder as well on the propper path, but the dirs.cfg file is easier to deal with i think

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posted November 21, 2001 01:53 AM            

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posted November 21, 2001 02:59 PM            
or just copy and paste your mp3s into the TM MUSIC folder after deleting all their crappy songs.

All fragging extravaganza.


ping of death
posted November 21, 2001 03:24 PM         
I disable music, enjoy the extra system resources, and crank my stereo


posted November 21, 2001 03:25 PM         
Ooooooo!! A little less harsh on the music criticism, eh? That's all original stuff composed specifically for TM by a good friend of the McNally family, Al Ryan.

Everyone has their own tastes in music, so by all means play what you like.